How To Renew Your Sassa Gold Card-Sassa Card Expired?

How To Renew Your Sassa Gold Card

Wait! You are here because you also want to renew your SASSA card for the upcoming year 2024. Right? 

Well, you have landed on the right place, I’ll be sharing with you my recent experience on “Sassa gold card expiration

A month ago I noticed that Sassa gold card was going to expire soon. So, being an over-cautious person I started thinking about How I get my SRD payment if it’s going to expire.

After some research, I got to know something satisfactory this time! And laughed at my overthinking habit. 

Well, I got to know that SASSA has announced that card validation is extended for the new year. So, relax even if your card expires now, you can still use it for grant payments throughout the year 2024.

Postbank’s head of communication, Dr Bongani Diako, said:

This important development means that millions of social grant beneficiaries do not have to change their SASSA gold cards to the cards of the other banks.

The extension of the SASSA gold card’s validity ensures continuity for beneficiaries, and they do not have to endure the inconvenience and expenses of changing their gold cards to other payment methods that are often costly

Postbank’s head of communication, Dr Bongani Diako

But wait! Don’t you think that the precaution is better than later hardship? Thinking the same I decided to renew my Sassa card timely to secure my future payments. 

Read the details below & follow this step-by-step process to renew your Sassa card!

Things To Remember

  • Only Post Bank has the authority to renew your gold cassa card, no other bank can do so as Dr. Bongani Diako said “The Postbank is the only bank mandated to replace Sassa cards. These gold cards will be valid post-December 2023, and beneficiaries may continue to use them as normal”
  • You can’t renew your Sassa card online. The renewal services are only available at South African Post Office branches.
  • For the renewal, your eligibility for Sassa grants matters a lot even if you are successful and get your sassa card renewed. Make sure you are still eligible for the Sassa Srd grant

Step-By-Step Guide On “How To Renew Your Sassa Gold Card”

How To Renew Your Sassa Gold Card

Renewing a Sassa gold card is simpler than you think actually. All you need to follow below given instructions.

Step: 1 Collect Important Documents
Before visiting the Post office it is worth checking that you have collected and gathered all related documents including your South African ID document, Utility bills, proof of residence, and your expired Sassa card.

Step: 2 Visit the Nearest South African Post Office Branch
Before stepping out, please make sure you know the exact address of your nearest post office branch. You can check your nearest post office at Post Offices Details

Also, make a call on the given number and confirm their timings.

After entering the South African Post Office head to the reception desk and ask them to renew your Sassa card

Step: 3 Verify Your Identity and Collect the Form
Now they will ask for some relevant documents to verify your identity. Don’t hesitate to provide the documents to the Sassa representative.

After verification, they will hand over your Sassa card renewal form. And will guide you through the complete process of renewing your Sassa Card. Don’t worry if you find it hard to do all these things you can simply ask for a representative to help you in this regard.

Step: 4 Fill Out the Sassa Card Renewal Form & Submit
The form that you would be filling out should be filled out carefully, use a black or blue ink pen, and don’t do cutting or overwriting on the form. Also, make sure the details (personal) you are providing should be that of mentioned on your ID documents and other related documents.

After filling double-check all information you provided because any wrong detail can delay or cause the rejection of your Card Renewal request. Now Submit it to the Sassa representative along with the documents required.

After submission, they will give you a receipt which is worth keeping safe, you can’t lose that slip.

Step: 5 Collect Your Sassa Card
After some days sassa will notify you by sending a notification that will tell you to collect your sassa card from a specified location on a specified date & time.

Remember: when collecting your Sassa card keep that receipt in step 4 with you. Without that slip, you can’t collect your Sassa card. Also, there is the possibility that there might be some fee required so make sure you have some amount when visiting the post office branch to collect your Sassa card.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully renewed your Sassa card with a straightforward method.

Once you are done collecting your Sassa card, check your Sassa status & follow the payment dates to get your grant amount.

How Can I Get My Payments Directly Into a Bank Account Or Cash?

To do so you can change your payment method by attaching your bank account if you want to collect your payment info from your bank directly. For cash, you can change your payment method to Cash Send.


Sassa card renewal forms and other important Sassa documents are also available at the Official Sassa srd website.

Don’t worry, there may be a technical error just wait for a few days, and if not you can contact Sassa via Sassa toll-free number 0800 601 011 and ask your query.

Yes, SASSA has announced that card validation is extended for the new year. So, relax even if your card expires now, you can still use it for grant payments throughout the year 2024.

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