What To Do If I Lost SASSA Card-How To Get New Card?

Sassa clients who withdraw their SASSA payments through ATMs, grocery stores, marts, etc. Sassa Card works like a spinal cord for their grant. I used to collect my SRD R350 via ATM but when I lost my Sassa card I got to realize the actual value of my SASSA card support. That frustration Ahh!

But relax you are not going to face hurdles which I had to because I am going to share a complete guide based on my experience, so you’ll get out of this like a pro.

If you also have “lost SASSA card” or your SASSA card has been stolen & you are curious about “How to Write Affidavit for Lost SASSA Card” or “how to replace lost sassa card” whatever the reason is simply follow the steps what I did and got a replacement with New Sassa Card easily.


Please do remember that this lost SASSA card doesn’t cause any harm to your SASSA Status check or your Sassa payment dates. Your all matters with SASSA will be the same as before.

How to Get A New SASSA Card? Step-By-Step Guide

Before moving towards “how to get a new SASSA card” we should first think about the card which is lost now. Ok! First, you should report your “lost sassa card” so it may not be misused by anyone else. 

Step 1: Report SASSA About “Lost SASSA Card

Let us help you with “How to stop/block a lost sassa card” It is your first & foremost responsibility to inform & report sassa about your lost sassa card. For that, you should report it to:

  • Nearest police station or
  • Post Office or
  • SASSA 
  • You can also report to sassa by calling them on the toll-free number 0800 60 10 11. (make sure you are calling from the same number that is registered with SASSA)

Once you are done with the report now you can relax and start a further process to get your new sassa card.

Step 2: Head To SASSA Office

Now head to the nearest Sassa offices you can search on Google Maps for “Sassa offices near me “ or the easiest method is to check from our dedicated page to get instant information about your area’s sassa offices, their contact details, email, and many more. You can access & read it from here: SASSA Offices Locations & Phone Numbers

Before visiting the SASSA office make sure you get these below-mentioned documents

  • ID document or Passport
  • Proof of residence (updated)
  • A police report confirming that your SASSA card has been lost ( Report Proof)
  • Your Phone number
  • Your Bank details 

Step 3: Submit SASSA Fraud Affidavit Form

  • Now you are required to submit an SASSA Fraud Affidavit (read the below guide for How to Write Affidavit for Lost SASSA Card). You can get this form from the Sassa office also you can download it from here: SASSA Forms
  • Fill out this form and write all the details make sure not to cut or overwrite any phrase as this act can create more complications for you.
  • Attach all relevant documents and submit them to the SASSA officer.

Once you are done with form submission now your application will proceed and sassa authority will work on it.

Step 4: Get New SASSA Card

After some time SASSA will notify you by sending a message to collect your new SASSA card. Collect all your important documents like passport ID documents etc & go to to the SASSA office & collect your new SASSA card.

How to Write Affidavit for Lost SASSA Card?

In order to facilitate the replacement of your new sassa card an Affidavit form is required, which should be drafted in a proper manner with documentation. This affidavit is required to verify the legitimacy of your claim.

Step 1: Collect Documents

Some supporting documents are necessary for the validation of your claim in the SASSA affidavit form. These can be your South African ID proof, your residential proof, your contact information also do remember the place & scenario where your card was lost or stolen in case.

Step 2: Approach Nearest Commissioner of Oaths

For the sworn of your affidavit before a commissioner of oath you are required to approach any commissioner of oath in your area. He/she can be any authoritative person like a police officer, lawyer or anyone else. Make sure you have all relevant documents & forms before visiting the commissioner of oaths.

Step 3: Draft Your Affidavit

Now start drafting your affidavit, make sure you are not overwriting or making too much mistakes, write precisely and be true. Firstly write the main title “Affidavit Regarding Lost SASSA Card.” then mention your personal information also elaborate what actually happened to your previous SASSA card & why you need the new one.

Step 3: Statement of Truth

In the end of your affidavit you are required to write statement of truth that will be the declaration of your truthfulness.

Step 3: Signatures & Stamps

Once you are done with drafting affidavit please perform clear signatures in front of oath commissioner and the oath commissioner will also sign the affidavit form.

Step 3: Affidavit Submission

All things done, now you can submit the affidavit will all relevant documents at your nearest SASSA office.


Lost SASSA Card sounds uncomfortable but that is not the right way to solve this problem. Instead of putting yourself down, use the above given easy method and get your new sassa card easily. Don’t hesitate to report to the police station as the police are there for your security and convenience. Your report can save you from further loss as anyone can withdraw by swiping your card. Stay Safe!


You can report your lost sassa card at your nearest post office, they will guide you through the process to avail of a new Sassa card.

To get the money without your SASSA card you must have a PIN.

Your bank details(in case you are intending to receive your sassa grant payments electronically), Your proof of residence, Your South African ID the proof of your lost card (report receipt) and also your contact information.

Your submitted application needs to be verified and proceeded by SASSa which takes some time. Expect 7 working days for the replacement of new Sassa card.

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