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Here’s the free status check tool for Srd Sassa Status Check Online. Enter your “ID Number” & “Mobile Number” in the fields below.

Whether you are thinking of your Declined Sassa application solution, or maybe you are concerned enough about SASSA payment dates, make yourself comfortable, and we will proceed with all the remedies for all such issues in your grant.

SASSA grant is hope in the worst situations of financial crises for the people of South Africa. Unfortunately, not every African is fully aware of the challenges faced throughout the grant process, leading to rejection when doing Sassa status check. If you are one of them, don’t feel overwhelmed, you are at the right place. We will guide you in the course of your successful SASSA grant.

Sassa Status Check Results & Their Meanings

Your ResultsResult MeaningWhat To Do Next
Application CompleteYour Submitted grant application is completed now further verification will be done by the agency itself.Wait until it is processed and meanwhile stay updated by checking your status regularly
Status PendingThis shows your application is taking time to be approved and it’s still under process by authorities.This means you did not qualify or probably made any mistake during the application process, check out the reason provided for the declined application.
Status DeclinedThis means you did not qualify or probably made any mistake during the application process.Don’t worry! Check the reason for rejection and apply for reconsideration, if again rejected and you think it is not fair to you then file an appeal within 90 days
Period DeclinedThis means your grant is declined for the specific period (month)If you think this is not a valid reason at all. Simply submit the reconsideration request or file an appeal
Period ApprovedYour payment is approved for a specific month. E.g. January ApprovedCongrats! Check your Sassa grant payment date & receive grant on your payday
CanceledYour grant is canceled by SASSA.Reinstate your canceled application by following the steps below
Bank Details PendingThis shows your banking details need to be added or if you added them already then there are mistakes to deal with.Update your banking details by following steps below.

Video Guide On How To Check Status Through SASSA Web Portal?

Is this your first time doing a status check? Don’t worry, we will help you with this step-by-step video guide on “how to check sassa status” of your SASSA grants through the official SASSA web portal as well.

SASSA Grant Payment Dates for 2024

Sassa has not already fixed any payment date. Instead, Sassa releases every month’s SASSA Payment Schedule for different grants, below are the latest Sassa payment date details.

MonthDisability GrantOld-
age Grant
Support Grant
Note: SASSA updates the payment schedule every month.
sassa payment dates 2024

Sassa Grant Amount Increased-April Update [2024]

Good news for SASSA beneficiaries! As we informed on our site before, the SASSA grants amount will be increased from April 2024. Now it’s been officially declared. A certain amount is increased for All types of SASSA grants, like SRD R370 Grant, SASSA Disability Grant, old age grant & Child grants, etc. See How much each grant is increased.

Different Methods For “SASSA Status Check” In 2024

methoids to check sassa status

With these wonderful SASSA status check & SRD status check channels, you don’t need to wait in long queues for hours to get your sassa status information. Now beneficiaries can “check sassa status” about their Sassa srd R370 grants and other social grants in just a few clicks.

How To Check Your Status Through WhatsApp?

In today’s digitalized era everyone uses this versatile app, you may get benefit from it by checking your status just by sending a WhatsApp text to SASSA. Follow the below given-steps.

  • Firstly save the 082 046 8553 number in your contact list
  • Go to the WhatsApp App and search in the contact list for that saved contact 
  • Now send an”SASSA” message on WhatsApp to that contact
  • Presumably, you’ll get an automated response, reply with the word “STATUS” or as the case may be. You need to give them your “ID number and Phone number”
  • Then your Sassa status check results will be shown to you
sassa status check through whatsapp

Check Online Via SASSA Official Portal

sassa status check
  • Go To Official Web Portal
  • Scroll down to the end of the page you will see two options “South African ID Holders” & “Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders”. Choose according to your current status of being an African or Asylum Seeker.
  • Fill out with required information there and you will get the SRD SASSA status check of your payments

Check Your SASSA Status Through Phone Call

  • Just like you make other calls you need to open your cell phone dialer (where you type numbers to make calls)
  • Simply make a call by typing this number 0800 60 10 11 
  • Just follow the directions on the call and there you go.
sassa status check

Sassa Status Check Via SMS

sassa status check
  • You can do Sassa status check or SRD status check online by sending an SMS to SASSA
  • Firstly go to the message app on your cell phone
  • Type SASSA [ID Number] in the message and send it to 082 046 8553
  • You will be responded to with your current sassa R3570 status

Check Sassa Status Through Moya App

MOYA APP is one of the advanced methods used by thousands of Sassa beneficiaries. Follow below given steps.

  • Go to the Google Play Store/App Store whatever is convenient to you and download MOYA APP with the logo shown in the picture above.
  • Once you download, open the app and go to the “Discovery” option.
  • Go to the ”Application Status” option. Type there, your ID number and Phone Number, and click on the “SUBMIT” button.
  • The next page will show your current status.
sassa status check

How does the Moya app work for “SASSA status check”?

This Amazing app provides you with real-time information about your sassa status check for r350 & SRD Sassa Grant Status. Any time you can get updates without being worried about any type of data usage. However, you can only check and stay updated with this app, remember you can’t receive payments via this app.

Other Grants By SASSA

Before applying for a grant in SASSA you must ascertain first that in which eligibility criteria you fit. There are various types of grants provided by SASSA with separate eligibility criteria for each. Click on the below grant names if you want to apply for anyone.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For SRD R370 Grant?

SASSA has set the eligibility criteria for the SRD R370 grant as in the case of other types of social grants. This criteria is separate for each grant. The eligibility criteria are set to ensure the suitability and fairness in the distribution of grants.


Either you are a citizen of South Africa or you are a permit holder or an asylum seeker with a valid section 22 permit or visa.

Age Limit

Your age should not be more than 60 years and should not be less than 18 years old. Other than this age range your eligibility for srd R370 grant may change let’s say if you are less than 18 years of age you may go to Sassa Child Support Grant and if you are more than 60 years of age you will be eligible for the Sassa Old-Age grant but not for srd R370 grant. So before applying make sure you fit in the eligibility criteria of age.


Make sure that the applicant must reside in the territory of South Africa. Proof of residence will be required by SASSA authorities at the time of application.

Income Threshold 

There is a set income threshold for sassa srd R350 applicants. Their income should not Exceed Rand 624 monthly

Alive In DHA Database

The Applicant should be alive in the Department Of Home Affairs DHA database.

Other Funds

To be eligible of srd R350 grant you must not enjoy any other grant like the UIF Unemployment Insurance fund, Or any other student support grant.

Government Employee

Being a government employee in the state of South Africa makes you ineligible for the grant. 

How To Apply For SRD R350 Grant?

Step:1  Application Through Official Website 

  • Go to the SRD Web Portal
  • Tap the “Click Here To Apply Online” button
  • Put the phone number and tap on “send OTP” or “send SMS”
  • Enter the digit OTP that you have received and click on “Verity PIN” 

Step:2 Agree To Terms And Conditions

It is recommended to you to carefully read and then agree to the Declaration & Consent Document.

Step:3 Enter Personal Information

Name, Surname, ID number, and all required documents.

Step:4 Provide Banking Details

Enter the banking details or method through which you want to receive payments

Step:5 Receive SMS

Receive banking details verification message  on your phone

Step:6 SASSA Verification Process

  • Your personal information will be verified by matching your data with the data in the DHA records (Department Of Home Affairs)
  • Fraud and other elements will be checked.

Step:7 Check SASSA Application status 

Now you are done with the application and your status can be checked with the above-provided Sassa Status Check Form on this page.

Vital Note:

Once you get confirmation of your active SRD R370 grant, SRD status check should be done every month with the help of the above-given tool so you may stay updated regarding your payments.

What Is The Method to Reset Your SASSA Password?

It’s better practice to reset your SASSA password if you are doubtful about it. Or maybe you forgot the older one. 

  • Login to Sassa Web portal
  • Click on the option of “reset password” 
  • Type your South African ID 
  • Now enter the PIN(OTP) sent to your phone number
  • Don’t forget to keep a strong password this time

There you go! Now you can log in with the new password you have created. 

Which Situations Affect Sassa Status Check Results?

Multiple factors can affect sassa grants, the same as grants in any other country get affected.

Policy Updates: Updates are made to tackle flaws in the system but sometimes these updates may affect grants badly. Due to this, you may see a reasonable delay in “Status Check” results.

Technological Enhancement: Technology is unfolding now, To meet environmental variations in technological infrastructure sassa grant system may also get affected. “Srd status check online” system facilitates data management of its beneficiaries.

Budget By Government: Sassa does not assist on its own. Budgets for grants are always initiated by the government. Economical changes may affect the government budget for grants.

Management Issues: Management efficiency of sassa assistance may vary sometimes. Challenges may be faced by the administrative authorities which alternatively affect the grants process

So, while performing srd SASSA status check, SRD or appeal status check please have patience as many situations can affect the results for some time.

What To Do If Sassa Status Check Shows “DECLINED”?

sassa status check

In case if SASSA status check shows your application was declined you should go for SASSA Application Reconsideration Process in the first 30 days of the declined application,  if not resolved the issue then you can use your right of appeal within 30 to 90 days of rejection. If you think the rejection decision was not valid you should appeal the sassa’s decision to the independent Tribunal For Social Assistance ITSA.

  • First, you need to check the personal information you provided in your sassa application form.
  • If you think there is a need for some information to be amended or added, go for it. Do all corrections if needed and click on “save”.
  • Now visit SASSA appeal website
  • Below attached interface will appear to you. Enter your credentials & click on “Send Pin”
  • There will be a message received by Sassa on your registered phone number. open that message, copy that PIN/OTP, and verify by putting that PIN on the appeal website.
  • Now select a month for which you want to file an appeal. ( You can file one appeal for one month only)
  • In the next step, you will be asked to write the reason for the appeal. Type their valid reason and move ahead.
  • Independent Tribunal For Social Assistance ITSA will notify you in the next 60 to 90 days regarding your Sassa appeal status.
  • While lodging your appeal please do confirm that you have read and accepted the consent and declaration documents.
  • Once you are done with the appeal do SASSA appeal status check from time to time to stay informed about the status of your grant.

How To Collect Sassa Payments?

There are multiple methods to collect SASSA payments, The preferable method to collect SASSA payments is always your SASSA bank account. If you don’t have a bank account it should not bother you at all. It doesn’t mean you can not collect your SASSA payments, there are multiple alternatives for securing your payments, like Mobile Bank Money Transfer, Pick-N-Pay, & Boxer Store.

Payment Methods If You Don’t Have a Bank Account

Your payments are stuck due to not having a bank account? Don’t worry, you still have multiple options to withdraw your grant payments. 

Pick N Pay: Head to the Pick N Pay store near you. Don’t forget to bring your SASSA card with you. Give them your card and they will charge your card with your SASSA grant.

Post Office: Collection of your SASSA grant through the post office is also a better option to choose if you don’t have your bank account and neither you have access to Pick N Pay store. Just visit the post office and ask the staff to charge your card with your SASSA grant. 

Cash Send: Cash send is also an easy alternative if you don’t have a bank account. Head to the nearest outlet of cash send, ask the cashier to create a cash send voucher for you and you will use that cash send voucher at participating retailers for collection of money.

Boxer Store:  Another option is to visit your nearest Boxer store and ask the staff to load the grant money in your SASSA card.

Sassa Status Check Payment Not Received Or Delayed

Don’t worry about your delayed sassa payments. There are several reasons which are often faced by sassa so they delay the payments or sometimes it automatically gets delayed. The most common reasons are Technical Glitch, Large number of submitted applications, False or incomplete information provided by applicants, Verification procedure might take some time.

What you need to do is, confirm that the banking details you provided are complete and correct to avoid further delays and secondly get in contact with the SASSA officials either by calling them, visiting their office, or contacting them on WhatsApp whatever channel you seem easy, tell them your issue and get resolved.

To contact SASSA you may check SASSA Phone Numbers & SASSA Offices Address

What If Your SASSA Status Check Is Approved But No SMS is Received?

If SASSA status check shows you the result as “APPROVED” but no confirmation SMS is sent to you. This can happen due to incomplete or wrong contact details, network issues, system glitches or bank account issues. You may tackle it by doing;

  • Wait for a few days.
  • Contact your bank and make sure everything is ok by your side. 
  • Check your network signal 
  • Double-check your contact details in SASSA application form
  • If everything is ok by your side then use toll free number 0800 601 011 and contact them.
  • Or you can visit the nearest SASSA office.

Sassa Contact Number & Email Address

If you want your issues to be directly addressed by SASSA officials you may use the below given toll-free number and email address.

  • Toll-Free number (0800 60 10 11)
  • Sassa Head Office number (012 400 2322)
  • Email Address ( [email protected])


SASSA Srd status check is the baseline for our commitment and continuously updating every single piece of information on our website. We are striving to keep shining light on possibilities for the successful grants of SASSA beneficiaries. Follow the complete guideline “How to check Sassa status” online & increase the chances of approval of your SRD R370 & other Sassa grants.


SASSA Means test is necessary to evaluate the eligibility of the applicant. With the help of this test, an applicant is checked on a measurement scale whether he is entitled to receive a grant or not. In this way, it may affect your Sassa Status Check results.

Dial *120*3210#. And follow the instructions.

Once an applicant applies for a sassa grant nearly within three months he/she gets paid.

Sassa status check PIN is the 6 digit OTP number that you receive on your phone whenever you are checking or making any changes in your sassa application form.

It is important to keep on re-applying after every three months just to ensure that you don’t have any issue in your application and everything is going well.

No, sassa grant payments are not made on weekends & public holidays

Sometimes technical glitch or number of applications are increased so it takes time.

Simply go to sassa web portal click on reset password, enter OTP and change it.

When you enter your phone number registered with sassa, you will get the PIN. 

Usually SASSA takes 60 to 90 days of application processing time but still depends on different circumstances like number of applications and complications in applications.

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