SASSA Change Phone Number With & Without Application ID

If you lost your previous phone number or you just changed your SIM & now you want to change your SASSA Phone Number on Sassa application form as well, Well! the process is quite simpler than you think.

It can be the case as well that you lost your ID now you are looking for How To Change Srd Phone Number Without Application ID. Yes! It’s possible, you can do that.

I know how frustrating it can be, especially if you are a person who gets panicky about such things like me.

I have shared the complete method of SASSA change phone number with the possible reasons to change. One of these methods worked for me as well. Please follow the steps as told.

SASSA Change Phone Number-srd lost phone number

Reasons To Change SASSA Phone Number

It is crucial to know in which conditions or due to what reasons it becomes inevitable to change your contact details with Sassa.

Circumstantial Change: It might happen that you added the contact information of someone else (maybe your guardian or someone) and now you lost connection with them, or it might be the case that you want to convert on any other network.

Mistake Attempt: There is a possibility that you have mistakenly entered the wrong contact details in your SASSA application. 

Sim Card Lost/ srd lost phone number: This might be the case as well, that you faced srd lost phone number problem or it was destroyed due to any reason. 

Phone Stolen: Crimes like phone snatching are common in every society. There is a possibility that your phone is stolen and you don’t have access to your previous contact information.

There may be other reasons as well but, If you are facing the above-given reasons it is recommended you not waste even a single day, just do change your contact information as soon as possible.

Step-By-Step Guide To SASSA Change Phone Number

Sassa Users are a bit confused about which method they should use to change their contact details. Whether you are facing srd lost phone number or your phone/Sim is stolen, we have brought you three easy methods below to change your SASSA phone number effectively.

The recommended one is the “SASSA change Phone Number Online Method”. You may choose which seems comfortable and easy for you. 

Sassa Change Phone Number Online

Follow the below given quick steps to Sassa change phone number online

Step 1  Visit Sassa’s Official website

Step 2 You are required to fill out details like your thirteen-digit ID number and Sassa application ID. 

Step 3 Now calmly fill out the application form that appeared on your screen. While filling the form double check each information you are providing.

Step 4 Verify your email address and click on “Submit”.

Step 5 Now Provide a valid reason for updating the phone number the reason can be one of the above-mentioned reasons. It can give me more than one reason. 

Step 6 Verify your new phone number by receiving and confirming OTP

Once you are done with SASSA change phone number online you will receive a response in the form of a message by SASSA. That’s all, now all the notifications regarding your SASSA grant will be received on your new phone number.

SASSA Change Phone Number Via SASSA Call Centre

For this method you don’t need any internet service, just pick up your phone dial 0800 60 10 11 and talk to the SASSA call center agent. Tell them the reason to change your phone number on your SASSA application.

Call center officers will verify your identification and after proceeding with all steps you will get your phone number changed on your SASSA application form

There you go! Now you will receive a message from SASSA. All the notifications regarding your SASSA SRD grant will be received on your new phone number. 

SASSA Change Phone Number By Visiting Sassa Office

This method is quite simple but it can be time-consuming. As we all know there are long queues in Sassa offices all the time.

Still, If you want to update your contact information by visiting the SASSA office then get some snacks and a water bottle because you may have to wait for hours, gather all required documents, and visit your nearest SASSA office.

Make sure you are visiting the office during their working hours and working days. Usually, SASSA offices are open from Monday to Friday

Head to the SASSA office and on your turn talk to the SASSA officer, tell them the reason for changing your contact number, and provide the required information for further verification. Once verified you will get your phone number changed. 

Check SASSA Offices details before visiting SASSA offices

Note: For above mentioned methods you will need to have your Application ID. and if you don’t have then use below provided method. 

How To Change Srd Phone Number Without Application ID?

Usually, for any alteration in your application form you need to have your application ID at least, But if you don’t have your application ID & you are searching for How To Change Srd Phone Number Without Application ID then relax we have a solution for this problem too. Follow the below given steps.

Step:1 Go to SASSA srd Official website

Step: 2 Then go to “South African ID Holder” (or as the case may be) & click on ” click to proceed”

Step: 3 Now on the next page you will see the option of “update your application”. As shown in the picture below.

Step:4 Type your thirteen-digit South African ID without space also type your previously used phone number.

Step:5 By clicking on the submit button your six-digit application ID will appear on your screen. 

Step:6 Now use this application ID and your thirteen-digit South African ID and Follow the above-described method of “SASSA Change Phone Number Online”

sassa change phone number

Note: You can only submit one request to update your contact details in 24 hours.

Things To Remember While Changing Your SASSA Contact Information

  • Don’t spam, remember to submit only one phone number changing request at a time whether you are using online method or offline
  • If you don’t have your application ID and by the above-mentioned method you got your application ID, save it by writing on a notebook so you may use it in the future. 
  • While you are doing “sassa change phone number online” ” if you face any technical error on the SASSA website don’t panic, be patient, and wait for an hour then do apply again, there are possibilities of error because a lot of requests are being sent sometimes. 
  • Each information provided while changing your phone number must be double-checked by you, in order to avoid delays in your payments. 
  • The reason you are providing should be valid and clear enough.
  • If you are willing to get paid via ATM less method then your phone number must undergo RICA process as the PIN is always sent to the phone number.  

Important Things To Do If Sim Card Stolen [2024]-Srd Lost Phone Number

First thing first if your phone got stolen or you srd lost phone number then SASSA officials want you to immediately notify this incident to SASSA. To report SASSA use the below given method.

  • Go to Sassa official Report website Click on ” Report Lost or Stolen Phone “
  • After that enter your ID number and confirm that your phone number changed without your consent.
  • Choose YES or NO
  • By choosing YES you will see a pop-up saying ”Successfully submitted unauthorized cell phone number change report to SASSA.”

Reminder For Old Sassa Beneficiaries

Whether you are enjoying the SASSA Disability Grant, SASSA Old Age Grant or SASSA child support grant it is strongly recommended to you whenever you do an SASSA status check online and you see record not found. Don’t ignore it, immediately contact SASSA officers by calling them on 0800 601 011 (Also you can contact SASSA with other SASSA Phone Numbers ). Now submit a request to change your contact details on the SASSA application. It usually takes fourteen days and you will get a response about your submitted request.

Note: If you need SASSA forms for reconsideration or reapplication or any other you can avail them as well from our website.


Although SASSA beneficiaries have to put in a bit of effort regarding their registered phone numbers with SASSA, but it is for the benefit of the beneficiary. SASSA also provides solutions to tackle the issues which are mentioned in detail above like sassa change phone number with or without application ID, sassa changing phone number online or SRD lost phone number. Now it is upon you which method you use, but keep in mind all the key points we have mentioned above. Enjoy your grant!


By putting your credential on Sassa’s Official Website you can get your application ID and then  use this application ID and your thirteen digit South African ID and follow the above described method of “SASSA Change Phone Number Online”

It is important to update your phone number because it may delay your payments or you may be unaware of recent notifications by sassa.

Some of the common reasons are stolen mobile phone or sim card, change in network, mistake in application

You can change your SRD phone number online via the official website of sassa by following the above mentioned method.

No problem ! you have other ways to change your phone number offline just do a call on above given number to sassa call center or you may visit your nearest sassa office.

You may visit the official website by clicking here and type your South african ID also provide previous phone number, your application ID will appear. 

Your ID document, your residential proof and your new number are the important documents.

Normally it takes 3 days. 

Not an issue, just make a call to the sassa call center and resolve the issue.

No, applicants are forbidden to make phone number updating requests more than one at a time.