Social Relief Of Distress-SRD R350 Grant 2024

The Social social relief of distress government aid is provided in somewhat similar situations as other grants by the SASSA. SASSA’s social relief of distress program is a crucial safety net for South Africans facing unexpected financial difficulties.

Social relief of distress srd R350

The special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress SRD (Pandemic Aid) is Rand 350 per month. Which is awarded to beneficiaries between 18-60 years of age.

SRD grant applications are only accepted online. Applicants don’t need to scan or submit documents in SASSA offices.

However, if you need assistance in the online application process SASSA officers will surely help you in that manner if you go to their office.

Why Should You Apply For SRD R350?

Findings indicate that more than 10.2 million people in South Africa have benefited from the SRD R350 grant only and more than 27 million people are benefitting from over other types of grants by SASSA.

Even though SRD was a temporary grant due to the National Distress of the State, they did not end it and it is still being extended. Some prominent features of SRD are:

  • Client Confidence Over SRD: As this grant is protecting beneficiaries and their household from the worst situation. It has the confidence of many beneficiaries Of South Africa.
  • Stable Financial Support: Until and unless there is fault on your end SRD grant is stable for financial support of millions of families since introduced.
  • Mental Peace: Most of us know what mental peace refers to when every matter goes against it. When you are financially distressed the Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress grant plays a role for mental peace. 
  • Non-Repayable: It Is like a donation from the state you don’t need to pay it back like some other financial support. 
  • Multiple Forms: SRD support is provided in different forms you can choose whatever you need most, it can be in the form of food, voucher or cash.

How To Apply For Covid 19 Social Relief Of Distress SRD R350?

Other social grants like SASSA Disability grant, SASSA Child grant or SASSA old age grant can be applied online as well as offline (physically) but here in the case of SRD R350 grant, you can apply only electronically (Online) no applications are accepted by hand.

Follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step:1  Application Through Official Website 

  • Go to SRD Web Portal
  • Tap the “Click Here To Apply Online” button
  • Put the phone number and tap on “send OTP” or “send SMS”
  • Enter six digit OTP that you have received and click on “Verity PIN”

Step:2 Agree To Terms And Conditions

It is recommended to you to carefully read and then agree to the Declaration & Consent Document.

Step:3 Enter Personal Information

Enter your personal information like Name, Surname, ID number and all required documents.

Step:4 Provide Banking Details

Enter the banking details or method through which you want to receive payments

Step:5 Receive SMS

Receive banking details verification message  on your phone

Step:6 SASSA Verification Process

  • Your personal information will be verified by matching your data with the data in the DHA records (Department Of Home Affairs)
  • Fraud and other elements will be checked.

Step:7 Check SASSA Application status 

Now you are done with the application and you should frequently check your Sassa status

Vital Note:

Once you get confirmation of your active SRD R350 grant, the COVID-19 Social Relief Of Distress (SRD) Status Check should be done every month with the help of the above-given form so you may stay updated regarding your payments.

If your grant gets approved please check the Social Relief Of Distress Grant payment dates released by SASSA every month.

Conditions For Covid-19 SRD Social Relief Of Distress:

  • Your age must be above 18 years
  • South African Citizens, Refugees registered with the Department of Home Affairs and permanent residents of South Africa.
  • You should not get any type of financial assistance from any other agency in SA.
  • The only wage earner/working man of the family is dead.
  • The only wage earner/working man of the family is convicted for a long time.
  • You can’t earn by yourself due to severe illness for six months or longer.
  • Something tragic happened (e.g house burnt) which exceeds the ability of the affected person. 
  • You are unemployed.
  • You are disabled (You are directed to prove that).
  • Applicants must clear the SASSA means test.

Requirements For SRD R350 Grant

  • ID Number for Citizens and Permanent Residents & Permit by DHA for refugees. 
  • Contact information and details of Applicant.
  • Banking and account details of Applicant.
  • Proof of residency in South Africa.
  • Name and personal information.

How Long SRD R350 Grant Exists?

Initially, when this grant was introduced it was stated that the SRD grant would be initially for three months only and it could be extended for a further three months in special cases, where they think fit.

According to the new policy updates, the SRD Social Relief Of Distress grant will extend till March 2025. So, without hesitating, enjoy your grant and stay tuned for more authentic updates.

Client’s Support For Covid 19 Social Relief Of Distress Grant

Use Support Via SASSA Call Centre – 0800 60 10 11. Note that call center support is only available on working days. Off days include public holidays as well. 

We have provided all details about every state SASSA office & phone number for that please read SASSA Phone Numbers

Where Do I Find the Latest News & Updates About SASSA SRD Grant?

COVID-19 Social relief of distress news can be found at our dedicated SASSA News & Updates category. Sassa makes amendments in the grant mechanism and keeps releasing updates about different grants by sassa so it is crucial to be aware of each upcoming update and news for this you can get help from different official channels of sassa as well to stay informed all the time. 


So now you are well informed about SASSA Social Relief Of Distress also named as srd R350 grant. This is your chance to cope with the financial instability you face, not completely but to some extent it may release one’s stress.

Some of the best grants by SASSA are also discussed like disability grants, child support grant, old-age grants and unemployment grant. Apply for them by visiting our dedicated page on Types of Sassa Grant, maybe you get more than R350.


For the inspection of your SASSA grant Or SRD, you should visit SASSA Official Web Portal.

Don’t worry to solve your declined grant application problem you can visit : SASSA grant Declined

For the most recent months’ payment updates you can check SASSA PAYMENT DATES

Enter your number where required and you will receive the PIN on that number which you entered