SASSA Grant In Aid [2024] – Additional Financial Assistance

if you are here you are probably looking for the SASSA Grant in Aid financial relief program. You know what? it is given as additional financial assistance to people who are already benefiting from disability grants, old age grants, and war veteran grants & still need full-time care.


Let’s learn how it positively affects beneficiaries’ lives, and how you can avail it. or how it differs from other Sassa Grants benefits.

Do You Qualify For SASSA Grant-In-Aid?

Are you eligible? Let’s find out.

  • You should already be benefitting from disability grant, war veteran’s grant, or Sassa old-age grant.
  • You need full-time care from someone else for your physical or mental disability.
  • You should not be taken care of by any institution that is governed or funded.
  • You must be fulfilling the eligibility criteria of your main grant( Disability Grant, War veterans grant, older person grant)
  • You should have a valid medical assessment report declaring that you are in severe need of being taken care of by someone else. (The report should not be older the three months)
  • The report from a private doctor is also accepted.

How Much Is The Grant in aid?

As we know grant-in-aid is provided in addition to the other three grants. The total amount set for the grant in aid SASSA is R510 ( (an increase of R10 from the previous amount of R500) per month for each person & this be the same throughout this year. 

What Is The Application Fee For Sassa Grant In Aid?

You will be amazed to know that nothing costs you for Grant in aid application submission, It’s totally free of cost.

How To Apply For Sassa Grant In Aid?

Here comes the important thing to understand: Read the method below and apply it carefully. You can apply for a grant in aid at the same time when you are applying for the main grant also you can apply later on when you are in severe need. 

Step 1

You can apply for a Sassa Grant in aid by visiting the nearest Sassa office & also from Sassa Services website. 

Before visiting the Sassa office you should collect all relevant documents mainly the Application Form. (You can down it from Sassa Forms) You can get the application form from the Sassa office as well but this will be time-consuming and effort will be there, instead, you should download & print out the form, and get all the relevant documents including:

  • Medical assessment report (not older than 3 months)
  • Your South African ID
  • Your residential Proof
  • Document Prooving your marital status(In case you are married)
  • Affidavit/Sworn certificate (In case you are single)
  • Death certificate of your spouse (In case of death of your spouse)
  • Divorce certificate (In case your marriage is dissolved) 
  • Separate Afiirdavit of Sassa Grant in Aid (sworn statement)

Please note that if you are unable to apply by visiting the Sassa office you can appoint any person from your loved ones or a trusted person to do all this procedure on your behalf. 

Step 2

After filling out the sassa application form please attach all documents mentioned above and submit the application form to the SASSA Officer, he/she will take your fingerprints and will conduct a short interview of you ( or of your representative appointed by you) & finally will inform you if you do qualify for the SASSA Grant in Aid or not. 

Step 3

Please note that after the interview SASSA officer will give you a receipt and you have to keep it safe with you even if you are not selected for the grant. 

Sassa Grant In Aid Outcome

It takes three months to process your submitted application before that you should wait and if get’s late you can contact Sassa. Once the grant in aid sassa is approved you will start receiving the grant by that time following every month’s schedule released by SASSA.

In case if your application is not approved SASSA will notify you by sending the letter also reasons for rejection will be mentioned in the letter.

How To Check Status For SASSA Grant-In-Aid?

The person whose grant applications are approved should perform an SASSA Status check regularly to stay up to date with your grant status. You can check your Sassa Grant In Aid status in multiple ways provided below.

  • Via our dedicated Sassa Status check Online,
  • Via Moya App (Data free method)
  • Via Sassa Whatsapp number 082-046-8553
  • Through Sending an SMS to SASSA 082-046-8553
  • By Calling Sassa
  • By calling Sassa Toll-Free No. 0800-601011
  • Via the official SASSA Website

What If the Application Declined Or Not Accepted?

What If the Application Declined Or Not Accepted?

That sounds quite disturbing but don’t worry you still have the option to recover from it if you think this is unfair to you maybe there is a misunderstanding or any error on your end that can be corrected. 

First, you should submit a reconsideration application to SASSA if it still shows the declined status and you believe everything is okay on your end and you are eligible for the grant you can appeal the decision of SASSA to the Department Of Social Development within the first 90 days of rejection. 

The higher authorities will review your appeal and if they find any issue on your end they will tell you the reason for the declined application status but if still you think there is no fault on your end then the only option left is the Court Of Law

On the other side if the appeal board decision is in your favour then they will reverse the SASSA’s decision and you will be awarded by sassa grant in aid amount from then onwards. 

What Is the Payment Process For Grant in Aid?

First of all, it is important to understand that Sassa does not fix any specific day for the award of grant payment, Every month the payment schedule called “Sassa Payment Dates” is released by Sassa mentioning the specific paydays for different grants

Following are the three methods through which Sassa pays you the grant. 

  • Through some specific institutions like Old age homes, Disability centers & Non-profit organizations 
  • You can get direct payments in your bank account. If you opt for payments via bank account then it is necessary to fill and submit a Consent Form for Bank Payment of SASSA Grant (you can download it from our website), also attach all relevant documents like your ID, Bank statement of the previous three months & Your Bank account details.
  • Your Sassa payment can be withdrawn from Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, Checkers, Usave, and Spar

Additionally, if you want to change Sassa banking details you do that by visiting the Sassa offices as well as online. 

Please note that if you are unable to collect your grant amount by yourself you can appoint another person to collect the amount on your behalf.

How To Check Balance For Grant in Aid?

You can check your Sassa Grant balance by following methods.

  • By calling Toll-free number 0800 601 011
  • Through ATM 
  • SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553
  • Dial USSD code *120*3210# or *120*69277# on your phone
How To Check Balance For Grant in Aid?

Sassa Grant in Aid Review Process

Sassa keeps check and balance by reviewing the current status of grant applicants. This review by SASSA ensures that the applicant still fulfills the eligibility criteria or not; it is usually checked by your income and assets and your life status (alive or not). 

For Sassa grant-in-aid review, you will be notified approximately three months before the review by SASSA. This notice by Sasa will inform you how, when, and where you will be reviewed. The Sassa grant in aid beneficiaries are also required to send their life proof certificate to SASSA before the due date or yearly if specifically, they are receiving a grant via a bank account. 

If you are unable to visit the Sassa office they will visit you for review. When the review process is completed don’t forget to take receipt of compliance. 

What Is The Review Process For Refugees?

As far as the review process of a refugee is concerned then it depends on his/her expiring status. The day a refugee reaches its expiry status the applicant will be reviewed by sassa.

Why Sassa Grant in Aid Is Suspended?

Why Sassa Grant in Aid Is Suspended 22
  • Unethical or fraudulent conduct by the beneficiary.
  • If found any major mistake in your application.
  • When the beneficiary does not cooperate with SASSA while reviewing the grant.
  • When your financial circumstances get stable.
  • You are restored to health, or now you become physically fit. 
  • You are now earning by yourself. 

How To Restore If Suspended?

If you feel the suspension reasons are not fair or maybe any error occurred, you have the right to appeal. You can appeal to the higher authorities using the above-mentioned method. 

How Sassa Grant in Aid Lapses?

  • When the beneficiary of the grant dies.
  • Beneficiary has failed to provide his/her life certificate to SASSA
  • Your grant may be reduced to 25% of the maximum amount of the grant when you are admitted to a state-funded institution where the state pays for your care. 
  • Beneficiary is out of state for more than 3 months and there is no notice by the beneficiary.
  • When a beneficiary does not collect payments for 3 months and if time lapses after 3 months then there is a need to apply for a fresh grant.
  • The beneficiary is not good at health. 
  • If the beneficiary is a refugee in that case if he/she ceases to be a refugee.

What Sassa Beneficiaries Should Do To Prevent Issues?

You should follow the below-mentioned points and a lot more apart from these as well, to keep your grant safe.

  • Update sassa about your residential address and contact detail
  • Don’t get involved in any unlawful or fraudulent activity 
  • Update Sassa about your health if it is getting better
  • Update Sassa about circumstantial changes 
  • Always provide complete and clear information where required. 


You can contact Sassa by using the email [email protected] also you can make a phone call to SASSA toll-free number 0800 601 011.

You can get a Grant in aid in addition to Sassa disability grant, older person grant & war veterans grant. 

No, grant amounts by SASSA are not taxable.

You should update your grant application whenever your circumstances change.

You can get the most recent news about your Sassa grant on SASSA News & Updates

You should notify Sassa about that, so you can enjoy your grant on return.

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