How To Check Sassa Balance *130*? Is It Correct

You heard somewhere to check Sassa Balance via *130* right? Well! There is an interesting fact I am gonna share with you. 

How To Check Sassa Balance *130*

I also read online that people were searching and asking each other about How To Check Sassa Balance *130*. Having an extra Inquiring mind, I thought why not try it? 

Well, I picked up my phone as I was super curious about How To Check Sassa Balance *130*, is it working or not? 

After dialing the code I frequently watched my phone screen expecting to check my SASSA balance, each second was an hour for me. But what happens after some seconds? Yeah, you are right-nothing happened. I couldn’t help but laugh at my own mistake.

Then I started researching why it is not happening, Well! the answer I got is “ This is not a Sassa Balance Check code *130* is actually a Cell C service. 

What I learned! not every rumor is worth following. Always double-check especially when it comes to essential services. also always believe in authentic updates released by Sassa. 

Sassa has never issued any update verifying *130* as the balance check code. SASSA has specific codes and online services dedicated to Sassa balance inquiries and other services. 

So, How Should I Check My Balance Online?

How To Check Sassa Balance *130*

“Once it is cleared that the USSD code 130 is NOT for checking your SASSA balance. It is linked to Cell C mobile services and has no connection to SASSA.”

You can follow given workable methods below to check your Sassa SRd balance online, Don’t worry these are tested and authentic ones. 

Check Sassa Balance Using the Authentic USSD 

To check your Sassa balance you can use the below provided USSD codes.

  • Pick your phone & dial *120*69277#
  • Follow the next instructions
  • Provide all details if asked (these include your ID & phone number)
  • Now you will receive a message from Sassa with your Sassa balance details.

Apart from the above provided USSD code, you can use *120*3210# in case that code doesn’t work or maybe it’s showing you as “Busy” or “Out of reach”

Check Sassa Balance Using WhatsApp

This is another authentic way to check your balance online, it just needs your concentration and some clicks.

  • Save Sassa Whatsapp number – 082 046 8553
  • Open WhatsApp chat 
  • Send a message by typing “Sassa
  • On the response type “Status” and send your reply
  • You will get another response, reply with “Yes” and send if you have your reference number
  • In the answer, you may reply by typing your reference number
  • You will receive a message/response from Sassa in which there will be details of your Sassa status & Balance report.

Check Sassa Balance Through ATMs

You can check your balance via ATMs as well. Read below on How.

  • Head to the ATM near you ( You are not going to forget your SASSA card right?)
  • The process is simple: insert your Sassa card into the machine and enter your PIN. (Read the guide If Sassa Card Not Working)
  • Choose the option of “Balance Check” (options vary in different ATMs so choose accordingly)
  • The Sassa Balance for your grant will appear on the ATM screen.
  • Hang on! You have the option to print it as well like old school days!!! Choose the option of “print it” and you will get it.

Key Takeaways on How To Check Sassa Balance *130*

How To Check Sassa Balance *130*
  • Always double-check codes and procedures from official sources before using them.
  • Don’t assume that all shortcodes will work the same way for different services.
  • Always do a quick online search or visit the official website to confirm the correct codes and methods.
  • Relying on hearsay can lead to mistakes, Always rely on authentic updates you can check those important updates from the SASSA News & Updates page as well. 
  • Using incorrect codes can waste time and cause confusion. So, be aware
  • Instead of searching “How To Check Sassa Balance *130*” Always search like is *130* correct/authentic code to check Sassa balance. 

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