How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Boxer Easily?

Are you tired of using those traditional payment methods for your Sassa R350 grant? let me tell you, the process to switch your Sassa R350 payment method to Boxer. It is simpler than you think. I’ll be sharing practical tips and insights to make it possible in no time for my R350. So your search for “How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Boxer” ends here. 

How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Boxer Online 2

Before switching my payment method to Boxer, I was struggling to get my R350 grant at post offices almost every month. Sometimes, I had to face a huge crowd of sassa beneficiaries & lost my ID documents as well. Ah! That was a real pain.

If you are here, probably you are thinking of switching your payment method to Boxer. Well! I am here to share my experience & guide which will surely save your time & money.

Step-by-Step Guide For “How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Boxer

How to Collect SASSA SRD R350 Grant at Boxer 4

Say goodbye to those loaded post offices, and say hello to effortless transactions at your nearest boxer store. Let’s check the transformational process that I used. 

Step:1  Visit Sassa Official Website

Firstly you are required to visit Sassa’s official website using this link address

Step:2 Find Section of “Change Banking Details” 

After clicking on the link above you are required to scroll down that page, and scroll until you see any heading related to “Change Banking details”. You’ll see there a link saying “ Click here to change your banking details”. Click on that.

Step:3 Verify Your Identity

Once you click on that link you are required to type your ID & Phone numbers, as these are required to verify your identity as a Sassa beneficiary

When you are entering your ID verification details please double check it because the wrong details will not work. 

Step:4 Receive Code On Your Phone

After entering your details you will receive a confirmation code, you need to enter that code onto the page where you entered your details in the relevant box. 

Step:5 Choose “Boxer” As Your Payment Method

Now you’ll see the list with options of payment method, ignore all and choose “BOXER” as your payment method & select.

Step:6  Provide Additional Information

For further process, there might be some additional details required by you to proceed with your request to change payment method, Provide all information carefully.

Step:7 Submit The Request

Hold on! Don’t rush to click the submit button, carefully read all the details and see if you have any mistakes or not. Once you are sure that you filled correct details then click on the “SUBMIT” button. 

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted the Sassa R350 Payment Method change request, now wait for a confirmation message from SASSA. Sassa will let you know if your request is approved or not. 

Important Points To Remember

How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Boxer Online 4
  • To Change the Sassa R350 Payment Method To Boxer, Sassa only allows specific period of time to do so. So it is worth checking the details about that specific period through the Sassa website & Sassa Social Media platforms. 
  • Only the owner of the bank account has the legal authority to make decisions regarding the account. So you must be the owner of the bank account while changing your payment method from bank to Boxer. 
  • For the whole process, the phone number you are using should be registered in your own name. Sassa will not allow these important details associated with someone else. 
  • It is important to have your ID number & phone number while changing your payment method, as it needs to log in to your SASSA Account
  • To change the payment method, you must be the approved Sassa beneficiary.
  • Things take time, so please don’t get worried. It will take time to proceed with your application request.  
  • Don’t rush to another pay point, once you are confirmed that your payment method has been changed to Boxer now you should not go to other pay points. Just collect your payments straightway from the BOXER store. 

How To Contact Sassa For Enquiries?

For any further queries about “How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Boxer“, please Reach out to SASSA directly at:

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