Sassa Foster Care Grant-Who Can Apply? Complete Guide [2024]

Having the responsibility of a child? who has been placed under your care by the court. As we know there are a lot of expenses that may or may not be bearable sometimes by foster parents, in such situations it becomes difficult to take proper care of the child.

There is no need to worry about that as Sassa provides a Sassa Foster Care grant that works as financial assistance to foster parents in the upbringing of foster children.


The foster child should not be more than 18 years old. Whenever he/she reaches the age of 18 years the grant will lapse. In some cases, there is an exception of 21 years of age that includes when the child is still studying in secondary or high school.

We have provided information regarding the complete process of how to apply, How much foster child grant amount is? and how you can smoothly enjoy the grant.

Eligibility Criteria For the Sassa Foster Care Grant

  • The foster parent must have at least one child assigned to them by the court
  • The foster parent & the child must be South African citizens (If refugees then they must be recognized)
  • The child must be under the supervision or care of the applicant
  • The applicant (foster parent) must qualify Sassa Means test
  • Child age must be under 18 year
  • The applicant & the child must be living in South Africa
  • The foster parent must have 13-digit barcoded identity documents.
  • A child from a foreign country can also be fostered
  • The foster parent must have a birth certificate of the foster child
  • The child must be placed in your custody by a court due to being orphaned, abandoned, at risk, abused, or neglected.

Income/Assets Threshold [SASSA Means Test]

Sassa foster care Grant. (2)

Each Sassa Grant has a different set of criteria to analyze the qualification of the applicant for the grant. But in the case of Sassa Foster Child Grant, there is no such criteria set for foster parents.

If the income of the foster child a year is less than twice of the annual foster child grant amount a year then the child is eligible.

How Much Is the SASSA Foster Care Grant Amount?

As of now & with the latest update about the Increase in the Sassa grant amount, every client under the Foster care grant will receive R1 180 per month (per child). You should keep on checking the grant amount increase updates online from Sassa News & Updates or through the Sassa Official website

What is The Sassa Application Fee?

There is no application fee while applying for any of the grants by SASSA It is free of cost. The ultimate goal of SASSA is to support & empower its citizens not to burden the applicants. 

How To Apply For the Sassa Sassa Foster Care Grant?

Before applying for the Sassa foster child grant please keep in view that you must have the legal order which expressly tells that you have the child authority & you have a legal position as a foster parent 

Step: 1

You can apply for the grant by visiting your nearest Sassa office, or you may apply online by following the instructions on the Sassa services website.

To submit a physical application follow the below given instructions: 

Head to your nearest Sassa office and ask the Officer for a Sassa Foster Care grant application form. You are required to fill out the application form in the presence of an SASSA Officer.

Don’t worry if you find it hard to fill the form by yourself, ask the sassa officer to help you with this. They will fill out a form for you. Follow their instructions and provide the information they ask for. Attach all relevant documents with the application form & submit it. 

Step: 2

Once you are done with the application form, the Sassa officer will conduct an interview and after that, they will give you a receipt, you are required to keep that receipt safe with you even if you are not qualified. 

What If I Can’t Visit the Sassa Office By Myself?

No worries, you can appoint any of your relatives or any friend on your behalf, please make sure to allow him in written form & prove the reason (maybe illness by a doctor) for not being available for application. 

Verification Procedure: it takes up to three months in normal circumstances but in case of a large number of applications it may take some time. 

Important Documents Required For Sassa Foster Care Grant

Sassa foster care Grant. (1)
  • The legal order under which the child is assigned to you.
  • In the case of refugees, Your refugee ID
  • The Child’s South African ID document, in case it is not available then:
  • Ask the Sassa Officer to provide you the Affidavit form or you can download Sassa Affidavit Form. Fill out this Affidavit form on the SASSA standard affidavit template, and make sure that the Oath commissioner is present at that time. The Oath Commissioner must not be affiliated with SASSA.
  • You are required to present a statement of declaration which declares your truth, this should be attested by an authoritative person. 
  • You are required to give your fingerprint while your application is under a verification process. The Department of Home Affairs will issue your ID on your request if you fail to do so later on your application may be suspended by Sassa.
  • Proof of your divorce in case you are divorced.
  • Yours and Your Spouse ID Documents
  • The previous 3 months’ bank statements of your account
  • If your spouse dies within the last five years you are required to present a death certificate
  • The child’s medical assessment report was conducted by the medical practitioner of Sassa.
  • The child’s past medical reports.
  • All supporting documents
  • Private pension documents
  • Marriage Certificate (If applicable)
  • Divorce certificate  (If applicable)
  • Death certificate  (If applicable)
  • UIF card if receiving UIF
  • You have to give a sworn statement or the affidavit in case you don’t have any of the above-mentioned document

Check Your SASSA Foster Care Grant Status

You can check your Sassa grant status in multiple ways provided below.

Payment Method For SASSA Foster Care Grant 

Sassa foster care Grant

Following are the payment methods for the Sassa foster care Grant.

  • You can get direct payments in your bank account. If you opt for payments via bank account then it is necessary to fill and submit a Consent Form for Bank Payment of SASSA Grant, also attach all relevant documents like your ID, Bank statement of previous three months & your Bank account details.
  • Your Sassa payment can be withdrawn from Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, Checkers, Usave, and Spar.
  • According to the new initiative taken by Sassa Authorities & Post Office Officials from this year onwards, Sassa pay points services will be closed for cash receiving, the applicants have to use the ATMs & banks preferably for their SASSA grant payment withdrawal. 

Methods To Check Foster Care Grant Balance

You can check your Sassa Grant balance by following methods.

  • By calling Toll-free number 0800 601 011
  • Through ATM 
  • SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553
  • Dial USSD code *120*3210# or *120*69277# on your phone
How To Check Balance For foster child grant?

Important Note: The review process and grant suspension details for Sassa foster care grant is similar to Sassa Child support grant.

Child Support Grant Top-Up Vs Foster Care Grant

Foster child/care grant is provided to assist the foster parents who are appointed by court order, on the other hand child support grant top-up is provided to support the primary caregivers of the child.

Child support grant top-up will work until the child reaches the age of 18 years on the other hand the foster child grant can exceed 21 years of age. 

In a foster child grant the child is under the authority and care of the state which is why the state pays off the foster parent and this is the reason that the income & assets are not evaluated for a foster child grant as compared to a child support grant.

In child support grants top up the child and the primary caregiver is paid to tackle poverty and financial issues. 

Tips For Beneficiaries

  • Never get involved in any fraudulent or illegal activity 
  • Always update your application as per the change in circumstances
  • Whether you are changing your contact details or banking details always update them in your application forms as well
  • Cooperate Sassa in the review process
  • Don’t panic have patience throughout your grant process
  • Always provide complete and clear information where required. 

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