How To Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card? 3 Easy Methods

withdraw money without Sassa card

I know exactly how it feels when you can’t access your sassa grant mount when you need it the most. That literally happened to me when my SASSA card suddenly stopped working last month. 

Someone a person like me who totally relies on these Sassa grant amounts can feel a wave of anxiety & this is probably the reason you searched for “how to withdraw money without Sassa card” Right? 

Well, I needed to find a solution quickly. So, After a long research, advice from friends, multiple trials, and personal experimentations I found some quick & effective ways to withdraw my money without Sassa cards, such as SASSA cardless payments, ABSA or FNB’s Ewallet, and withdrawals at SASSA-partnered retailers.

Before you start following these amazing methods, ensure you have the following essentials to avoid obstacles while getting your funds. 

  • Your mobile phone: You’ll receive a one-time PIN (OTP) on it so keep it with you.
  • Your South African ID card: To prove your ID as a South African you should have it.
  • Your SASSA/Postbank Gold Card PIN: You’ll need this to confirm your identity at certain withdrawal points

Here’s what worked for me and can work for you too even if you don’t have your Sassa gold card.

Ways to Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card

The following methods can be a game changer for your grant amount withdrawal issue. 

  • Cash Send Option (ABSA, FNB’s E-Wallet, standard bank) 
  • SASSA Cardless Payment (SASSA OTP Withdrawal)
  • Receive Payment Directly in Your Personal Bank Account

[Method:1] Grant Withdrawl Via Cash Send (ABSA, FNB’s E-Wallet, Standard bank) 

Grant withdrawals Via cash-send services such as ABSA, FNB’s E-wallet, and SASSA OTP Standard Bank service have almost the same process, So I will share only ABSA cash-send withdrawals via ATMs and bank branches.

ABSA ATMs Withdrawl Process

Follow the step-by-step guide to withdraw via ABSA ATMs

Step:1 Visit the nearest ABSA ATM
Firstly head to the nearest branch of ABSA ATM. In case you don’t know you can use ABSA locator to search for.

Step:2 Find Cash Send Logo On ATM Screen
After entering look for the Cash Send logo on the ATM screen and click on it. Next, it will ask you to enter the phone number. Enter your active (Sassa Registered) phone number there.

Step:3 Verification
A unique OTP is sent to the phone number you just entered there. Enter your OTP on the ATM screen and verify your transaction.

Step:4 Get Your Money
Now you can efficiently access your grant money via an ATM while maintaining proper financial management and security. Get your money and keep it safe with you.

ABSA Bank Branch Withdrawl Process

Follow the step-by-step guide to withdraw via the ABSA Bank Branch

Step:1 Visit the nearest ABSA Bank Branch
For the first step, you are required to visit your nearest ABSA bank branch and if you can’t find one, use Google Maps or the ABSA branch locator to also confirm their working hours & days.

Step:2 Talk To ABSA Staff
Head to the branch staff and tell them your situation and that you are here to get your grant amount also you don’t have your Sassa card. The staff member will ask your your Sassa registered phone number. Provide him with the number and wait for a while.

Step:3 Verification
Now you will receive an OTP sent to your phone number which you just provided. Tell that OTP to a staff member and wait for a while as he will do verification with that.

Step:4 Get Your Money
Once verification is completed you can get your grant money from there.

Remember: You can use the same method for FNB E-Wallet and Standard Bank it has the same method to withdraw your Sassa grant money. 

[Method: 2] SASSA OTP Withdrawal

To withdraw your money Via OTP withdrawal method you are required to visit Sassa-Partner Retailers. But before that, you are required to change your Sassa payment method to cash send via Sassa Official Portal. Below are a total of six and can give you your Sassa money without your Sassa lost Card.

  • Pick & Pay
  • Shoprite
  • Usave
  • OK
  • Checkers
  • Boxer
  • Spar

Step:1 Visit the nearest Pick-up point
Collect all important things like your South African ID, phone number, And Sassa card PIN. Firstly head to the nearest pick-up point. Anyone you seem convenient to you.

Step:2 Wait for your turn
When you head there please wait patiently for your turn.

Step:3 Verification
On your turn head to the staff and he will ask you for the credentials like your phone number, ID. Provide him to verify your identity. On providing the phone number you’ll get OTP tell the staff member that OTP and you are verified as grant owner now.

Step:4 Get Your Money
Now get your grant money from Staff member and keep it safe with you.

[Method: 3] Sassa Grant Money Withdrawl Into Your Bank Account

This method has truly simplified my life, providing a sense of security and control over my finances even without having my Sassa card. I highly recommend switching to direct deposit in to your bank account. 

For this method, all you need to do is change Sassa’s banking details and set your payment method as a Bank account and you will start receiving your money from that onwards. Keep in mind the bank account you are attaching should be in your name and ID. 

Which Cardless Withdrawal Method Should You Choose?

Although all these cardless withdrawal methods work magically but wait! With several options available, how do you determine which one is right for you?

Whether you prioritize ease of use, security features, or compatibility with your bank, understanding your options will help you make an informed decision. Let’s filter this problem by comparing the pros and cons.

1. Cash Send Method

Pros: Convenient and user-friendly, accessible at both bank branches and ATMs.

Cons: It costs some fees associated as service charges, which may be more then other two options

2. SASSA Cardless Payment Method (SASSA OTP Withdrawal)

Pros: safe & secure and surprisingly it does not require any bank account

Cons: You may have to face long queues and hustle at pick-up points. 

3. Direct Bank Deposit Method

Pros: No long queues, no hassle easy and safe 

Cons: It may take some time at the initial deposit.

Prioritize Your Convenience

No matter which method you go with, to withdraw money without Sassa card, keep in mind always keep your PIN safe and don’t share it with any stranger.

As far as convenience is concerned if you want safe, secure & automatic withdrawal go with the Bank account method. If you are in a hurry and always want to get the money in a minute you should go with the cash-send method. If it is the case that you don’t have a bank account you should go with the cardless payment (SASSA OTP Withdrawal) method. 

Final Thoughts and Tips

Here are a few tips for successful and secure withdrawal:

Keep Your Phone Handy: Your phone is essential for receiving OTPs.

Check Your Balance: Always check your balance before attempting a withdrawal.

Stay Safe: Be mindful of your surroundings, especially at ATMs.

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