Are you searching for Government Aid/Grant in South Africa? Be Here ! We will guide you for the grant which suits you best. There are different types of SASSA grants provided for every situation which South African people face. All of them, there eligibility and application method is mentioned below. So, go through the complete article and apply for the grant which you deserve.

types of sassa grants

The SASSA Grants are of total eight types of sassa grants, each one has differently set criteria’s and asset & income thresholds. If you are interested in applying any one of them please red below article and apply accordingly.

Social Relief Of Distress-SRD R350 Grant

The special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is Rand 350 per month, it can be applied only electronically not physically. SRD grants are only accepted online. Applicants don’t need to scan or submit documents in SASSA offices. However, if you need assistance in the online application process SASSA officers will surely help you in that manner if you go to their office but they will not accept physical applications.

Eligibility & Income Threshold:

  • Your age must be above 18 years
  • South African Citizens, Refugees registered with the Department of Home Affairs and permanent residents of South Africa.
  • You should not get any type of financial assistance from any other agency in SA.
  • The only wage earner/working man of the family is dead.
  • The only wage earner/working man of the family is convicted for a long time.
  • You can’t earn by yourself due to severe illness for six months or longer.
  • Something tragic happened (e.g house burnt) which exceeds the ability of the affected person. 
  • You are unemployed.
  • You are disabled (You are directed to prove that)
  • For being eligible the income threshold set for srd R350 is set Rand 640. You may not earn more than that.
  • You must be South African ID holder ( Asylam Seekers can apply with valid registration in DHA records)

SASSA Child Grant

SASSA Child grant also known as Sassa Child Support Grant, children who are under 18 years of age and surviving in low income families where their basic needs are not fulfilled are the primary subjects of this grant. The monthly grant amount is R510 per child.

Eligibility & Income Threshold:

  • The primary caregiver should be a South African citizen, permanent resident or recognized refugee.
  • The applicant and the child both should be residant Of the state of South Africa.
  • The applicant must be the primary caregiver of the child/ children concerned.
  • The child/children must be under the age of 18 years
  • The applicant and his/her spouse must clear the sassa means test.
  • Caregivers can not apply for more than six non-biological children.
  • Child/Children must live with the primary caregiver who is not paid to look after the child.
  • child/children must not reside in the institution funded or cared for by the state of South Africa. 
  • It is preferable to exhibit a South African ID document of the applicant as well as the residentiary proof. 
  • The death certificate of the parent if the applicant is the nearest relative ( grandfather, cousin, aunt etc) as caregiver.
  • Income threshold for applicant/caregiver in case of unmarried is R60,000, and if he/she is married then both spouses’ collective income should not exceed the amount of R 1,20,000.

SASSA Old Age Grant

The Old-Age grant also known as old age pension is awarded to the individuals who reached their retirement age of 60 years and now they are incapable to earn and meet their basic needs. Well, SASSA always cares for poverty-stricken old age persons too and supports them during their golden years of life. The grant amount is R2,090 per month

Eligibility & Income/Assets Threshold:

  • Applicant must reached retiring age of 60 years
  • Must be living in the state of South Africa
  • You either should be a South African ID holder or a recognized refugee.
  • Must have 13 digit barcode identification document
  • You should not be residing in any state funded institution
  • You comply with the SASSA Means Test of old age grant 
  • If a person is married then both spouses should undergo the SASSA Old Age  grant means test.
  • The enjoyment of any other grant makes you ineligible so make sure you are not enjoying any other grant.
  • Yearly Income threshold For Single Persons is R1 372 800 & R2 745 600 is for married.
  • Asset threshold For Single Persons is R96 840 & R193 680 is for married.

SASSA Disability Grant

Disabled individuals facing financial hardship in South Africa may apply for Sassa Disability Grant if their disability lasts for more than six months. The total amount paid for disability grant is  R2,090

Eligibility & Income/Assets Threshold:

  • The person should be disable for more then six months in both cases of the disability grant (Permanent and Temporary)
  • Person should be residing in the state of South Africa (If he/she is refugee then must be recognized by state)
  • Age should be between 18 to 59 years
  • Individual must not enjoying any other grant
  • To ensure the fair distribution of grant disability assessment tests must be conducted by the medical officer appointed by the state.
  • Person should provide all present and previous medical reports during the application process.
  • Must have identification proof(ID)
  • Person must be on that level of disability in which it is not possible to do any kind of physical work/job.
  • Yearly Income threshold For Single Persons is R1 372 800 & R2 745 600 is for married.
  • Asset threshold For Single Persons is R96 840 & R193 680 is for married.

War Veteran’s Grant

The person who fought in World War II or the Korean War are eligible for this grant.

Eligibility & Income/Assets Threshold:

  • You must not be receiving any other social grant.
  • You should be either 60 years and older or should be disabled.
  • You and your spouse (in case you are married) should submit your South African ID number
  • The total amount paid for War Veteran’s Grant Rand 2110 per month.

Foster Child Grant

If you are caring for a foster child and want to meet all basic needs of child which are above your earnings or it is hard to take care of him/her you may apply for foster child grant as soon as possible.

Eligibility & Income/Assets Threshold:

  • The child’s birth certificate or any identification proof will be required
  • The foster parent/parents are required to submit their 13 digit South African ID.
  • Foster care must be acquired through legal process.
  • The total amount for Foster Child Grant is Rand 1130.

Care Dependency Grant

If you are taking care of a child who is permanently disabled either mentally or physically then you can apply for Care Dependency Grant by SASSA

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The child must undergo a medical assessment to confirm disability.
  • The age of a child should not be more than 18 years.
  • Clinical information or a referral form as a baseline for assessment will be required.
  • If a child is school going the al relevant documents
  • Birth certificate of a child.
  • The total amount paid for the care dependency grant is R2,090 per month.


The Grant-in-aid works as a top-up grant amount and is provided to persons who are eligible for Disability Grant, Old age grant or War veteran’s grant.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The person applying should already be availing of the three grants mentioned under the heading of grant in aid.
  • Clinical information or a referral form as a baseline for assessment will be required.
  • The person applying must undergo a medical assessment.
  • The total amount for this top-up grant is R510 which will be paid in addition to the other grant.

How To Apply For These SASSA Grants?

If you want to apply for any grant mentioned above be sure about all the details regarding that specific grant. You can read them from below given link.

Knowing all the relevant information before applying is necessary for the accuracy of grant. It is seen sometimes that a person is eligible for child support grant and he/she applies for R350 SRD and later on got cancelled. Simply Click upon the grant name below and see complete details before application submission.

Once you have applied for any of above mentioned grants please don’t forget to do Sassa Status Check to know weather your grant was approved or any issue has been arisen.

Common Reasons Of Rejection

The most common reason of grant rejection is the applicants don’t check the eligibility criteria before application submission due to which any loop-hole is left which causes grant rejection. Furthermore, the applicant should clear SASSA means Test ( Threshold of income/assets) for the grant approval.

If your grant is Declined you may recover it by submitting a reconsideration application & if still it gets declined and it seems unfair or any error to you, you may file the appeal. For complete the information you may check our dedicated article on “SASSA application declined and recovery