Post Offices Pay Points Closed? Post Office Closure 2024

SASSA post office closure

Sassa beneficiaries are worried about Post Office Closure. According to my research, it has been found out that Sassa beneficiaries will no longer be able to use the post office channel for their Sassa grant payment collection as post office pay points are closing, But they will be able to use non-cash services like PIN reset, statement printing, and card reinsurance.

Post Offices Closing Down List[2024]

SASSA has released the post office closure schedule or post office closing down list.

Although 90% of sassa clients are receiving their grants from other channels the real issue is that the beneficiaries who relied on post office payment methods are now suffering from this point pay point closures because people have to travel so long by paying high fares just to collect their grant amounts from the offices which are open and issuing payments. 

Remember this closure won’t affect your SASSA Status Check of any Type of SASSA Grant

Right now hundreds of post office payment points have been closed. The DA Democratic Alliance of South Africa suggests Sassa beneficiaries convert their payment method to other channels priority should be given to bank accounts. 

Reason Of Post Office Closure

There are a lot of security reasons behind this decision.

This SASSA Post Offices Payment Points closure step was initiated in 2018 then further in December 2023 officially, to reduce the fraud chances suffered by SASSA beneficiaries. Where at one place it provides a positive feeling of secured grant payments also there in the second place many Sassa beneficiaries are worried and suffering to collect their Sassa grant payments. 

Post Office Closure News By Democratic Alliance (DA)

It is issued by “Bridget Masango MP – DA Shadow Minister of Social Development” [Democratic Alliance]

“In response to a written parliamentary question by the DA, the Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, has revealed that the South African Post Office (SAPO) is in the process or has already closed 40.6% of its rural South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) payment points, with March having been the last payment date for many.

Of the 687 SAPO payment point closures, 279 are in rural areas, and all but one of the SAPO payment points closed in the Eastern Cape are in rural communities. This is while only 23.44% of SAPO branches are within 10 kms of alternative SASSA payment points, including ATMs and retail partners. In fact, none of the SAPO payment points in the Western Cape are within 10 kms of an alternative payment point, while only 8 in the Free State, 11 in the Northern Cape, and 12 in the Eastern Cape are within this radius.

With the continually rising cost of living, ever-increasing transport costs, and nearly half of South Africans facing hunger, the payment point closures might force some social grant recipients to choose between traveling to access their grants and feeding their families.

While the DA encourages SASSA grant beneficiaries to switch their grant payments to reputable banks and make use of alternative payment points, many of them remain reliant on SAPO to access their grants – an avenue now taken away from nearly 162,000 social grant recipients.

It is shameful that the ANC’s mismanagement of SAPO is now borne by the most vulnerable of our society. The ANC does not care and continues to expose itself. On 29 May, it is time for South Africans to stand with what is good and moral, as protecting the vulnerable is not just a constitutional imperative but a moral one. Political change is of utmost importance, and it is needed urgently.”

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