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Are you looking for SASSA Forms in pdf which are easy to download? We have provided all forms here in PDF which are easily downloadable.

SASSA has introduced SASSA eForms, r350 Appeal Forms, consent forms, pension forms, affidavits, and all types of Sassa grant forms.

These forms save your precious time as you don’t have to wait in long queues to avail these forms from SASSA offices. You can download your desired Sassa forms from here, print them, fill them out, attach all required documents, and submit them. There you go!

SASSA Forms-SASSA Application Form

Download Sassa Affidavit Form

Whether you are in search of the SASSA Application form or Sassa srd R350 Grant affidavit form all are provided here according to your need. Please download Sassa forms that correspond to the type of grant you are applying for.

SASSA Affidavit Form for Child Support Grant

If you are putting in an application for a child support grant then you must be in need of the below given affidavit. Remember sassa requires this form to inspect and scrutinize the applicant’s personal information as well as other information like relationship status, wealth status, and so on.

SASSA Old Age Grant Affidavit

If you are applying for an SASSA old age grant you are required to download and fill up this affidavit as with the help of this sassa will be aware about your personal information, your assets and income details, your marital status, and so on.

Care Dependency Grant Affidavit

For the application of care dependency grant you need this form, as this form by will inform Sassa about your relationship with the child, your personal details child’s details, and so on.

Foster Child Grant Affidavit

If you are putting in an application for a foster child grant then you are required to fill and submit a foster child grant affidavit, this will keep Sassa informed about your relationship with the child please attach a court order that declares the parent as the foster parent of the child, apart from this sassa will identify your personal information, child’s details, and so on.

SASSA Affidavit Form For Grant in Aid

For specific application of Sassa Grant in aid you should be the beneficiary of SASSA old age grant or SASSA disability grant, this sassa affidavit is filled by you and your all details will be identified by sassa officials, 

SASSA Affidavit Form For Disability Grant Application

If you are applying for a Sassa disability grant then you are required to download and fill up this affidavit with the help of this, Sassa will know about your personal information, your assets and income details, your health and disability condition, and your marital status. Please don’t forget to attach your medical assessment result with the application while applying for the SASSA disability grant.

Download Other SASSA Forms

You can download other Sassa forms as well related to your issue. Please check and download the given forms according to your requirements. 

1: Form for Proof Of School Attendance

If you are seeking to apply for a child support grant then we recommend you to attach this form as well, as it makes a good impression and the Sassa officials encourage it.

2: SASSA Consent Form for Bank Payment

If you want to attach a bank account to your Sassa grant payment method then you may need this form.

3: SASSA Reconsideration Form

If you are facing declined application status and you want to submit your application for reconsideration please download and fill out this form and provide all details and reasons for submitting a reconsideration application

4: Download SASSA Reapplication Form

If you want to reapply for your grant then this form is of significance. Download it and fill all your details and your give valid reasons for sassa srd reapplication so authorities may consider your application.

5: SASSA Appeal Forms

If you applied for Sassa grant and you failed to get approved Sassa Status and even your reconsideration application was declined and it seems unfair or any error to you, now you want to submit an appeal before the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) then use below given forms and file an appeal. 

Latest SASSA Appeal Form (01 June 2022-2024)

Download the appeal form and print it, fill in all details and please attach all relevant documents with the appeal form. 

Old SASSA Appeal Form (Expired on 1 June 2022)

This sassa form was valid for appeals before 1st June 2022, it won’t work now. Still, if you are in need of this version of the appeal form please click on the download button below.

Late Appeal Form (Application For Condonation)

If due to exceptional situations you were not able to submit an appeal within the first 90 days of the rejected application you may use this form and submit with providing the reason for the late appeal and the required information.

6: SASSA Medical Assessment Referral Form

If due to disability you need to apply for an SASSA disability grant then you must conduct the SASSA medical assessment test to avail of the disability grant, for this purpose this form will be used. Download the Medical Assessment Referral Form and submit it after filling. 

7: Download SASSA eForms

You can download the SASSA application form from here.

The rest of all eForms will be available at Sassa Web Portal. You must have logged in there to access all other eForms.


Allowing beneficiaries to take advantage of the grants by SASSA. The authority provides all possible ways through which beneficiaries may secure their grant. Beneficiaries are required to cooperate too and provide all valid and clear information to Sassa so they may verify your information and make grants available to you. The SASSA Forms are part of their effort please use them in correspondence with your grant. 


Yes, forms are available in PDF format on this page you can download and print them.

For this you need to create an account on SASSA web portal then you can submit it online.

SASSA application forms are available in pdf format on this page you can download and print them apart from this sassa application forms are available at SASSA offices too.

Yes, each grant requires a different form. If you are confused about which form you may choose please contact Sassa support at 0800 60 10 11. Tell them your problem and they will guide you better

Yes, you may download it form this page under the heading of Sassa consent form for bank payment

Yes, you may download it from this page and fill it.

You can get SASSA eForms through this page as well as from SASSA Web portal by creating your account their

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