How to Collect SASSA SRD R350 Grant at Boxer?

Do you feel the anxiety and uncertainty of figuring out where and how to claim your grant? After changing it to boxer. Well! I was at the same place & kept searching about “How to Collect SASSA SRD R350 Grant at Boxer?” but all in vain. 

I started questioning myself, Is it going to be complicated? What If I messed up on my first attempt? What if I could not get my Sassa OTP verification ? and so on.

How to Collect SASSA SRD R350 Grant at Boxer

I remember feeling anxious when I first needed to claim my grant at Boxer, worried about confusing procedures. Ahh!

Then doing it on my own, I figured it out & you know what? the process became a straightforward experience for me. I’ll guide you with the tips & SASSA grant collection requirements based on my personal experience. 

Things To Remember Before Collecting Your Money At Boxer

There are some important things to remember which unfortunately I didn’t know at that time & caused this simple task to be so complicated, You must follow these instructions for smooth disbursement of the SRD grant.  

  • Check out your approval about the Sassa grant, Whether you are selected/approved for this month’s grant or not. You can do Sassa Status Check Simply. 
  • If you have recently changed your grant payment method to Boxer, then please make sure your payment method changing request is approved & now your grant payment method is “BOXER”. (if approved then a message by SASSA communicating your date and point of collection, should be in your SMS box)
  • You must bring your South African ID at any cost. It will prove that you are the beneficiary of the concerned grant. 
  • You must have the cellphone number you used during your grant application & now registered with the South African Social Security Agency.

Step-by-Step Guide on “How to Collect SASSA SRD R350 Grant at Boxer?”

How to Collect SASSA SRD R350 Grant at Boxer (1)

By following these steps to Collect SASSA SRD R350 Grant at Boxer, you can efficiently collect your grant money without unnecessary delays, just as I did.

Step:1 Gather All Necessary Documents

This is the step where I made my first mistake & left my ID document at home. Always gather all your important documents & collect them in an envelope with you. This will include your South African ID, residential proof, grant-related documents, phone number etc.  

Step:2 Visit Your Nearest Boxer Store

Before visiting, find your nearest Boxer store, You can check that by searching “Boxer Store Near Me” or you can check Boxer’s official website. ( Try Google Maps as well) Also, search about their working hours because operating hours for different boxer stores vary from location to location. 

Now visit that selected Boxer store near you. 

Step:3 Talk To The Cashier

Once you enter into the store, talk to the cashier about your grant. He will guide you through the further process. 

Step:4 Do ID Verification

He may ask ID document & phone number to verify your Identity as a Sassa beneficiary. Don’t hesitate to cooperate with the cashier.

Step:5 Receive CODE/OTP Or USSD Notification

After providing your details you will be further verified by sending a code or a link asking to click on YES or NO on your phone screen. You are required to click on YES if so. 

And if it is a code sent to your phone by SMS you are required to tell that code or OTP to the cashier. (Stay safe, don’t let people standing nearby see your code)

Step:6 Take Your Rands 

Take your money and count it first standing there. Once you are sure that the amount is okay, then keep it in a safe place. Don’t hold it in your hand or an open pocket. 

How to Collect SASSA SRD R350 Grant at Boxer

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Key Take Aways

  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and have your ID and cellphone number
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the cashier about the things you are not able to understand.
  • Keep your one-time code/OTP secret, treat it as your Bank PIN.
  • Keep your grant money safe. 

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