How To Check Sassa Balance Without Airtime? 6 Easy Steps

How To Check Sassa Balance Without Airtime 2

It makes you feel way more in control when you can keep checking your Sassa balance anytime, but wait! What if you don’t have enough airtime and data to check your Sassa balance? It is the situation, right?

Well, your search for “How To Check Sassa Balance Without Airtime” ends here.

I encountered this issue while traveling from Cape Town to Johannesburg. I didn’t have enough airtime & was worried enough about my further expenses, and that is when I discovered this amazing trick. It felt like all my worries melted away.

I want to share this valuable guidance with you on How To Check Sassa Balance Without Airtime, so you may also navigate through them. Don’t worry it won’t be complicated!

Step By Step Guide On How To Check Sassa Balance Without Airtime

Step-By-Step Guide On ”How To Check Sassa Balance Without Airtime” (1)

All you need to do is follow the below-provided steps. 

Step1: Navigate To Call App

Unlock your phone and navigate to the call app you use to make calls. It is a simple dial pad. Tap on the app and open it.

Step2: Type Sassa Code [USSD]

Using that dial pad type 1203210#. It is a free service code provided by sassa for beneficiaries to navigate their details easily and with any costs. (please be sure that you have typed correctly) This code will connect you directly to Sassa services.

Step3: Reply To Automative Response

Now you will see a magic message by sassa which is also called automotive response you need to answer that message as per your issue, read it & carefully give a response.

Step4: Navigate To Balance Check Option

There can be two scenarios, maybe you get a response asking you to choose a number(most probably #1) or giving you menu options to choose an inquiry (that can be “Sassa balance check” or something related to checking sassa balance)

Step 5: Verification

Now you are required to type your ID details, like your South African ID number (make sure you type it correctly)

Step 6: Results revealed

When you type there the ID number & press send you will instantly see your sassa balance on your screen.

Don’t worry if it takes some minutes there can be services or network load. 

See! How cool it was. Now you are an expert in checking Sassa SRD balance Online This method is most practicable & workable,(for me at least!) Try it and feel free to comment down or contact us if you still face any issues. 

Key Takeaways

How To Check Sassa Balance Without Airtime
  • If you face any timeout during your sassa balance checking session, please retry it
  • While entering any detail double check each credential. 
  • Don’t rush to the results, follow the process calmly.
  • If you face any mobile network issues or your SIM card is not working, Try to connect with sassa officers by visiting Sassa Offices Near you
  • If you don’t know how to use your phone, don’t let it down that is not a problem ask any of your friends or family member to do that for you.
  • Make sure you are using the same SIM card or number that is registered with SASSA or is given by you in the SASSA application form
  • Always stay updated about your every month’s Sassa status check as it will help you to make future financial strategies.


Checking your Sassa balance without airtime has become easy now. You can opt for any method that seems reliable to you. Remember using one method at a time can lead to successful results. Sassa is frequently updating its grant system, whether related to grant amount transactions or just checking your remaining balance. So always keep yourself up to date.

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