How to Check SASSA Balance-Online & Offline In 2024?

Curious about your SASSA balance! Right? No problem! whether you want to check Sassa balance online by staying at home or you want to check your funds physically by visiting the Sassa branch, we will guide you through four easy SASSA balance check methods.

Also, I will be sharing all the complications you need to remember while checking your Sassa amounts. All you need is your Application ID & phone number which you submitted in the application form while applying for the Sassa grant.

How to Check SASSA Balance Fast

It is crucial to keep on checking your Sassa balance no matter if you are a recent Sassa beneficiary or an old Sassa grant client. Checking your grant balance will help you manage your future expenses & stay on top of your finances.

Four Easy Methods To SASSA & SRD R350 Balance Check


To stay aware of your financial well-being, you can use the four methods presented below. Check today your Sassa balance step by step.

Check Sassa Balance With Cellphone Using the USSD [Online Method]

To check your Sassa balance you can use the below provided USSD codes.

  • Pick your phone & dial *120*69277#
  • Follow the next prompts
  • Provide all details if asked (these include your ID & phone number)
  • Now check your phone you will receive a message from Sassa with your Sassa balance details.

Apart from the above provided USSD code, you can use *120*3210# in case that code doesn’t work or maybe it’s showing you as “Busy” or “Out of reach

Check Sassa Balance Using WhatsApp [Online Method]

Prefer texting on WhatsApp? No problem! follow the below-given steps to check your Sassa balance via WhatsApp

  • Save this Sassa Whatsapp number in your contact list – 082 046 8553
  • Open up WhatsApp chat 
  • Send a message by typing “Sassa
  • On the response type “Status” and send your reply
  • You will get another response, reply with “Yes” and send if you have your reference number
  • In the you may reply by typing your reference number
  • You will receive a message/response from Sassa in which there will be details of your Sassa status & Balance report. 

Check Sassa Balance Through ATMs [Offline Method]

Those who love their Sassa Cards can check their balance via ATMs. Go through from below given steps. 

  • Head to the ATM near you ( Obviously you are not going to forget your SASSA card right?)
  • The process is quite simple, enter your Sassa card into the machine and enter your PIN. (Read guide If Sassa Card Not Working )
  • Choose the option of “Balance Check” (options vary in different ATMs so choose accordingly)
  • The Sassa Balance for your grant will be visible to you.
  • Hang on! You have the option to print it as well like old school days!!! Choose the option of “print it” and you will get it. 

Check Sassa balance By Visiting Nearest SASSA Office Or Post Office [Offline Method]

Checking your Sassa balance directly through Sassa offices or post offices sounds good but we recommend you to check it online because visiting Sassa offices will be time-consuming and efforts are also involved. 

You can check your Sassa balance by visiting the Sassa office near me.

  • All you need to do is collect all your documents (ID proof, Passport, Driving License)
  • Head to the Sassa Office & ask the officer to check your Sassa grant balance
  • The Sassa officer will ask you for documents & some details for verification
  • Once verification is done, they will inform you about your grant current status & grant balance

How To Check Sassa Balance Without Airtime?

What does Airtime mean? It is referred to as purchased credit allowing the usage of cellular network services including calls, SMS, and mobile data.

Let’s find out how you can check Sassa balance without Airtime.

To do Sassa balance check without airltime you can use the two offline methods mentioned above.

  • By visiting the Sassa Office or Post office
  • Using your Sassa card at ATMs

Additionally, you can use USSD code *120*3210#  which will work without using airtime.

Importance of Regular SASSA Balance Checks

  • Regularly checking on your Sassa Balance will catch those sneaky errors, (If any) 
  • Checking on your Sassa Balance allows you to plan your future expenses like a pro!
  • It’s like a reassuring hug for your wallet! It helps you keep assuring whether you have enough money to fulfill your needs like food & stuff. 
  • As Sassa grants are awarded to more than 19 million people In South Africa there are high chances of errors, Checking the Sassa balance will keep you aware of those issues in advance so you can tackle them and there will be no more surprises from troubles.

Things To Remember When Checking Sassa Balance

  • When you are performing Sassa Balance Check from your phone using the USSD code, do remember to use the phone number that is already linked to your account. 
  • If you are facing an issue in a network or no connecting please don’t panic. Wait for half an hour & check again if still you are facing the same problem try using the second USSD code mentioned above. 
  • If specifically you are an SRD R350 grant holder please do remember that there should be an amount in your account less the Rand 640 if it exceeds the authorities can cancel your grant or investigate you. This is because, according to Sassa the person enjoying the Sassa grant must comply with the Sassa means test.

SASSA Contact Information


There are multiple ways you can contact sassa for this purpose you can check our dedicated page for all over South Africa Sassa Branches & Contact details.

Contact Sassa via Phone call 

Use the toll-free number 080 060 1011 to find the solution of your grant-related problems or questions without visiting the Sassa offices. You can use it if you are searching for Sassa’s contact number for r350

Contact Sassa via Email

You have another alternative which is SASSA official emails which are also the best ways to communicate and get your issues resolved. It is prescribed that you should carefully mention your details in the Email like your ID number and phone number etc.

  • For general grant queries like card details, application details, status details, and payment details you may use [email protected]
  • If your issue is specifically related to SRD R350 Grant then you should use [email protected]   
  • If you face any kind of grant fraud get in touch with Sassa securely  by using [email protected] 
  • If you want to contact Sassa related to Sassa service or any non-grant questions you may contact [email protected] 


Checking your Sassa Balance from ATMs, Sassa Offices & post Offices will not cost you anything but there might be some service charges cutting if you opt for Checking from your phone.

You can check Sassa balance by:

  • Using your phone by dialing 12069277# or 120*3210#
  • By visiting the Sassa office & post office
  • Through WhatsApp number 082 046 8553
  • Through ATMs
  • By visiting the Sassa Office or Post office
  • Using your Sassa card at ATMs

Additionally, you can use USSD code *120*3210#  which will work without using airtime.

Be aware! there is no such number/USSD declared by Sassa to check your balance. Always prefer the official methods we have mentioned here.

Visit your nearest Sassa branch on priority.

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