How To Fix “Sassa Card Not Working” With Easy Steps?

That moment when your card just refuses to cooperate at ATMs or stores and you realize that your Sassa card is not working, Ahh! That heart-stopping moment right? 

How-to-fix-sassa-card not-working

Imagine Swiping your Card in the machine & it chirped: “Sassa Card declined” especially when you are in a hurry & need money at the moment. Maybe technical error, the card is blocked or the card expires sometimes.

Well! Once we pinpoint the actual reason for the Sassa card not working we can tackle it by the below given steps.

What Are The Reasons Your Sassa Card Is Not Working?

When you head to the doctor he asks you about the issue and then finds out the reasons, he tells you about the possible solution by providing medicine or precautions.

So, firstly Let’s find out first what are the possible reasons for the “Sassa card not working”.

  • When there is any suspicious activity with your Sassa card
  • When you have insufficient funds
  • Any technical error in the Sassa IT system 
  • When you forget your PIN & enter the wrong PIN many times
  • When there is any issue with your personal bank account
  • When the withdrawal limit of your card exceeds. Because the daily limit is 1000 to 8000.
  • When your card date is expired so account restriction may occur sometimes
  • If there is a problem or error in the ATM you are using, try other ATMs as well
  • When your Sassa card is DAMAGED

Two Methods To Fix “Sassa Card Not Working”

Buckle up and get ready to reclaim control over your Sassa card with these two methods, I’m sure these will work as I used method one & got my Sassa card working smoothly.

Method: 1 Fix Your Sassa Card Using HelplineNot Working”


This is the easiest method, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Pick up your phone & dial Sassa’s toll-free number 0800 60 10 11. Don’t it will cost you nothing as it is free of cost.

Tip: For calling Sassa please use the number that you have registered at Sassa or in the Sassa application form, otherwise they will not entertain you or solve your issue.

Step 2: Now you will hear an automotive response guiding you through some steps, follow & press the number accordingly (probably it will ask you to press 1 as it will connect you with the live agent)

Step 3: Once your call is forwarded to the live agent, explain your situation & issue very politely to the Sassa agent. Provide complete details on whether your Sassa card is blocked or showing declined.

Step 4: The Sassa Agent will ask you to give your details for verification, probably your ID and personal details.

Step 5: Now the Sassa agent will explain the reasons for your problem with your Sassa card, understand the reasons as it will be helpful for you to prevent issues next time. 

Step 6: Further Sassa agent will tell how to solve this issue of “sassa card not working“, In case the card is blocked by Sassa then they will reactivate it. In some situations it might happen that they will call you to the Sassa Office, you are advised to visit with all the relevant documents if they ask you to bring them.  

Method:2 Fix Your “Sassa Card Not Working Issue” By Visiting Sassa Office


This second method is time-consuming yet it works, we recommend you to get some snacks & a water bottle with you because there may be long queues ahead of you.

Tip: We recommend you, visit at off-peak hours like early in the morning and it the evening

Step 1: Find out your nearest Sassa office whether by Google Maps or from our dedicated page on Sassa offices & contact details also check their working hours.

Step 2: Gather all relevant documents like your South African ID card & your Sassa card. 

Step 3: Enter the Sassa office and get your ticket according to your issue & sit patiently. Wait for your turn

Step 4: On your turn, head to the Sassa agent & explain politely your issue. (if you received any SMS or notification from Sassa show them that as well)

Step 5: Now the Sassa agent will ask you to provide details for verification, please do cooperate with him/her

Step 6: Follow the instructions given by the Sassa agent, he/she will guide you through the process of “ how to solve the Sassa card issue”. In some cases, the Sassa agent will ask you to share the documents or card for further verification, don’t hesitate to provide.

In case the card is blocked by Sassa they will reactivate it for you. 

What To Do If Your Sassa Card Cannot Be Unblocked Again?


I am pretty sure you can get your card recovered with the above-mentioned methods but still, in some cases, it won’t. Consider below given options in case your card is unable to unblock again.

Get Your New Sassa Card

Visit the Sassa Office located in your area. Bring all documents with you as the Sassa agent can ask you to provide the documents.

Cooperate with the Sassa agent & provide all details & tell your card issues. There is the possibility that they can ask you to submit a small fee for your new Sassa card

Change Grant Payment Method

Let’s be honest, changing your grant payment method can be a real struggle, You can change your grant payment method by following this guide, Change Your Grant Payment Method

Report Your Lost Sassa Card

In case your Sassa card is lost you should first report your lost Sassa card to the nearest Sassa office or police station as it will prevent misuse of your Sassa card. 

Furthermore, take assistance from the Sassa officer & secure your funds. 

How To Prevent Blocking & Other Issues Of Sassa Card?

Now your card issue is resolved, still, there are some precautions you should follow to avoid further issues while using your Sassa card. 

  • Avoid exceeding your ATM withdrawal limit
  • Have some funds in your card while using it
  • Keep your card safe from others as it causes suspicious activity when any other person misuses your card
  • Always get your granny amount on time as delay can cause restrictions on your card
  • Avoid wrong PIN attempts, write your PIN somewhere on your notebook or on any paper & keep it in your pocket
  • Never share your card details with someone else.
  • Keep tracking your personal bank issues
  • Keep tracking your Sassa Status & see if you find any issues in the results

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