Check Your Sassa Status Using Moya App

Struggling to check your Sassa status? Well, I know it used to be a hassle. But now we have the “Moya App” a simple yet efficient way to check your Sassa status without any data. 

You can Sassa Status Using the Moya App with some clicks.

Check Your Sassa Status Using “Moya App”

In the old days sometimes we had to wait for SMS replies from Sassa or wait in long queues at Sassa offices. We even struggled a lot with the Sassa website as well. But the magic that the Moya app did just gave me peace of mind. 

Let’s find out what things are important before checking your Sassa status via the Moya App.

  • Active phone number
  • An Active phone number (registered with SASSA)
  • Your South African ID number

Make sure you have all three things mentioned above for successful results. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Check SASSA SRD R370 Status Using Moya App

Step:1 Download “Moya App”

First thing first you will have to download the “Moya app” to check your Status. You can do either:

You are an Android user: Download from the Google Play Store

You are an Iphonoe user: Download from the App Store

Step:2 Open the Moya App On your Phone

Once successfully downloaded, you can find it on your phone just search the Moya App icon and tap on it. It will get open on your screen. 

Step:3 Find The Sassa Services Section

Next, search for the “Sassa services” section or “Government” Section. This section is specially designed to assist SASSA Srd beneficiaries.  

You’ll find there several options. Just look for the option indicating “Sassa Srd Status Check”. Tap it, and fill up the required field most probably your South African ID & Phone number

Step:4 Get The Results” STATUS”

Once clicking on the submit button you will get your Status on your screen. Most probably you’ll get the following results:

  • Approved: Congratulations! you are qualified and chosen for the award of grant amount. Now look for payment dates. 
  • Pending: Pending means whether you have a banking details error or any other technical error and your application is still under review. Fix the issues. 
  • Declined: Now that sound’s disturbing but don’t worry. Declined means your application is being declined or you can say rejected with the reason mentioned there. You can file an appeal if you think it’s unfair or if there is any kind of error there. 

Benefits Of Checking Status Via Moya App

Following are the benefits when using the Moya App for Sassa Status Check. 

Data Free Method

One of the best features of the Moya app is its ability to operate without using your mobile data. This is particularly beneficial for users who have limited data plans or prefer not to consume data while accessing essential services like checking their SASSA status.

Easy To Use

The Moya App has user user-friendly interface. A person of any age can use it easily. 

Information Is Secure 

Your data and other information are secure if you are using the Moya App for a status check. Your sensitive details like your ID number & phone number are in safe hands. 

Real-Time Updates

It provides real-time updates as the “Sassa Services section” it is specifically designed to assist SASSA users. 

Common Issues & Solutions

Invalid User Details

Sometimes it shows that details provided by the user are invalid or there is some kind of error in them. All you need to do is double-check your details whether they are correct or not also if the error persists you should verify your details from SASSA and then check again.

No Results

Yes, you read it right. Sometimes the results freeze and you cannot get them on time. Well, I have a solution to this problem too. 

You should wait for 4 to 5 minutes and then put details again if still there is no response you should check if there is any update required by the App or not and also check the network as well. 

App Crashes or Fails to Load

That can be an issue as well. Once it happened to me what I did ? I checked if there was any update available or not so there was no update so I uninstalled it and then installed it again. Magically, it worked fine later on. 

Tips For Beneficiaries

  • Mind that the Moya App doesn’t consume any data so don’t worry about Data costs. 
  • Always keep an eye on late updates in the Moya App
  • Keep your information always updated. 
  • Don’t share your ID & Phone number with someone else while checking your status on their phone using the Moya App (It’s Not recommended though)


No, Checking Sassa’s Status via the Moya App is totally free. You don’t need any data plan to do so. 

It’s recommended to update the Moya app regularly to access new features

You can download it from the Google Play Store if using Android and from the Apple Store if using iPhone. 

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