SASSA & SRD Reapplication Process [2024]

I know how frustrating it can be when you need to receive your SASSA & you see it’s still failing or pending.

It feels disappointing when errors in the process of the Sassa grant come. I waited for a long time but didn’t get any solution so I decided to reapply for my SRD grant.

The process I used, will be shared here so itis better to get informed about the reasons and who needs to submit SASSA reapplication form then move on next step.

Follow this step-by-step guide on SASSA SRD reapplication & other SASSA grant renewal processes for pending grants. 

SRD Reapplication- sassa status check

Mind that reapplication and its process is the same for both, the other types of SASSA grants like child support grant, disability grants, old-age-grant, and the SRD R350 grant.

Which Persons Need To Reapply?

Before talking about the reasons let us clarify who needs to “SASSA reapply” for a grant like the people who are beneficiaries of sassa grants or the fresh applicants whose grants have been declined or failed or maybe pending for a longer period of time and not getting resolved or the persons whose circumstances are changed. These are the persons who are supposed to reapply.

It is recommended for persons who are already beneficiaries of SASSA that they should “SASSA reapply” for the grant after every 3 months.

The reason is obvious that circumstances and situations may change. So it’s better to update your application where needed.

Reasons For Sassa Grants & SRD Reapplication

Other than continuous grant beneficiaries there are other common reasons which require a “sassa reapplication” process.

Rejection On Initial Level: Rejection on the initial level of a SASSA grant application is the major and common reason for reapplication. Applicants must SASSA reapply as soon as possible.

Age limit Issue Occur: Maybe your application failed due to wrong or mistakenly filling in the wrong age details. Mind that applicants should be between 18 to 60 for SASSA SRD R350 grants & other social grants also have age limitations accordingly.

Personal Data Mismatched: The data you provided to the SASSA in your application may get mismatched with one which is with the Department Of Home Affairs.

Don’t Ignore minor details. Each piece of information provided by you ‘matters a lot.

Alternative Earnings Identified: Sassa Means test is performed to check if the applicant is actually in need of government support in the form of a grant or not. For that purpose, a threshold is set to check eligibility. If you have any other alternatives for earnings and your application fails. If it is not the case then you must go for sassa srd reapplication.

Other Grants Identified: If the client/applicant is getting any other grant from any authority and it is identified by SASSA now either you leave that grant and reapply.

If it is not the case you don’t have any other grants and you think this reason is a technical error then go for Sassa reapplication process.

Sassa Grants Reapplication Complete Process

There you go! Now you are well aware of the reasons and persons who actually need to submit a reapplication. Now let’s make it easy for you by describing simple steps for the “SASSA srd reapplication process”.

The SASSA srd Reapplication process is the same for both SRD R350 grant and other Sassa grants. You can reapply online as well as in person by visiting nearest Sassa offices. Check out the below-mentioned details.

Reapplication Via Website 

For online reapplication follow below given steps.

  • Visit SASSA’s Official web portal
  • Scroll down and click on  “Click here to update your application”.
  • A new page will appear on your screen just enter your details and click on “send SMS”.
  • Verify by entering a PIN (OTP) which is sent to your phone.
  • Updates your application by adding and subtracting details and maybe there is a need for a document to be attached. 
  • Click On “Submit” That’s All!
  • Don’t forget to get your reference number which is sent to your phone after the submission of the application, you may need it in the future. 

Reapplication Through Visiting Office

We recommend you reapply online, this will save your time and effort but it’s your choice to go with the one that you think is easier. 

  • Locate your nearest Sassa office according to your location.
  • Download Sassa Reapplication form and fill it with your updated details and personal information.
  • Gather all documents like your ID, residential proof, and all related documents.
  • Visit the SASSA office during opening hours (For this purpose you can check SASSA phone numbers & Office Details) make sure to visit on working days, attach all documents with the reapplication form, and submit it.
  • Get a submission receipt of your “sassa srd reapplication” so it will be proof of your re-application submission.

SASSA Grants & SRD Reapplication Status Check

Once you have submitted your SASSA srd reapplication form, don’t be lazy to sassa status check online, 

This is your most important task after application submission.

SASSA Status Check Online

Important Tips For SASSA SRD Reapplication 

  • Reapply On Time: It should be noted that a client may apply within 30 days of a failed, declined, or canceled application. 
  • Apply Via Website: We recommend you apply online as offline is time-consuming and takes effort.
  • Complete Documentation: Never leave any loophole, make sure you have provided each and every necessary document with the application form.
  • Proper Banking Details: You should give valid & active banking details to secure your grant if there is a need to change SASSA banking details do that.
  • Beware of Eligibility: Before moving towards SASSA srd reapplication make sure you actually qualify for the grant.
  • Accurate Information: Please provide accurate and updated information for reapplication if you have changed your phone number now you are required to change SASSA phone number in your application form as well.

Follow up your application: Either you apply for SASSA srd reapplication online or offline, keep on tracking your application and be aware of circumstances.

Eligibility Criteria For SRD R350 Grant

Before SRD Reapplication check out your eligibility first for srd R350 grant.


Either you should have the citizenship of South Africa or if you are a permit holder under Special Angolan Dispensation, the Lesotho Exemption Permit dispensation or the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Dispensation, or be an asylum seeker with a valid section 22 permit or visa.

Age Limit 

Your age should not be more than 60 years and should not be less than 18 years old. Other than those age ranges your eligibility for srd R350 grant may change let’s say if you are less than 18 years of age you may go to Sassa Child Support Grant and if you are more than 60 years of age you will be eligible for the Sassa Old-Age grant but not for srd R350 grant. So before applying make sure you fit in the eligibility criteria of age.


Make sure that the applicant must reside in the territory of South Africa. Proof of residence will be required by Sassa authorities at the time of application.

Income Threshold 

There is a set income threshold for sassa srd R350 applicants. Their income should not Exceed Rand 624 monthly. If you are earning more than this sorry bro you are not eligible.

Alive In DHA Database

The Applicant should be alive in the Department Of Home Affairs DHA’s database.

Other Funds

To be eligible for srd R350 sassa grant you must not enjoy any other grant like the UIF Unemployment Insurance fund, Or any other student support grant. 

Government Employee

The applicant should not be working in the services of South Africa, In short, the applicant must not be a government employee.

What To Do If Your SASSA SRD Reapplication Is Rejected?

If your sassa srd reapplication is declined and still you think it’s unfair to you then you have the right to appeal to higher authorities. Follow the below-given instructions.

Step 1: Visit the Department Of Social Development DSD appeal website

Step 2: Enter your ID & Phone Number

Step 3: Verify by confirming OTP which is sent to your phone number. 

Step 4: After entering OTP you will be redirected to the Appeal Page

Step 5: Enter a valid reason or proof for your eligibility, which shows that you qualify for the grant. Proof can be in the form of documents or any other evidence, and submit the appeal form. Don’t forget to attach your previous six months’ bank statement with the appeal.

Note: You are done with the srd appeal online, your appeal will be observed by the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). This will take 90 days approximately or maybe longer because sometimes a number of applications at a time causes a delay in response. Still, you have the option to contact SASSA authority with SASSA Phone Numbers to communicate with your relevant area/state SASSA officers.

After filing an appeal you may do SRD Appeal status check Online to stay updated


SASSA prioritizes ease for clients as much as possible, SASSA srd reapplication option is one of them. Based on our research all possible ways are discussed in this article. As SASSA policies are updated daily, we will make sure to make all necessary changes for you. Stay tuned and enjoy your grant. 


You can contact SASSA on this toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 as well as you can visit the nearest Sassa office

SASSA has release some recent updates related to reapplication like applicants are not required to submit income proof also they can now reapply online.

Don’t worry you can opt for SASSA appeal online. Follow these steps SASSA SRD Appeal Online

The foremost thing you should do is SASSA Status Check and track your application status.