How I Fixed My Sassa “Alternative Income Source Identified”?

How I Fixed My Sassa “Alternative Income Source Identified”?

Are you worried about your Sassa status result, right? I was also shocked to see my application declined with the “Alternative Income Source Identified” status. That means Sassa has found some kind of income under my name & I don’t meet their financial eligibility criteria. 

But wait! This doesn’t mean that the applicant is unfit for social assistance by Sassa. Yes, there can be some fault or error that leads to the application being rejected. 

We can still fix it as I did after multiple attempts I found the correct way to solve this issue, which I am sharing with you all so that you can avoid facing similar issues. Also, i’ll be sharing some strong reasons for this problem and how you can tackle them. 

Reasons For “Alternative Income Source Identified” 

The following can be the possible reasons for the said issue.

  • Shared Bank Accounts: Sharing a bank account with someone who has a regular income. Because when you share your account the other person’s income can be calculated with yours. 
  • Incorrect Bank Details: Errors in bank information that link you to someone else’s income can be a strong reason resulting this status.
  • Gifts and Donations: Money received as gifts can reasonably or mistakenly be counted as your income or source of income. 
  • Loans: Loans or similar financial transactions can be counted as your income.

Steps-by-Step Guide To Fix Sassa “Alternative Income Source Identified” 

Follow these simple solutions which will help you fix the issue and improve your chances of getting approved.

1. Submit And Appeal

The first thing you should be doing while facing said issue is “submit an appeal” Why? Because the status might be a result of errors in your application or incorrect data & to present evidence showing that you meet the financial criteria for the grant. Even the appeal gives you the chance to explain your financial hardship. So I personally prefer this method. How to submit an appeal? Learn below! 

Step:1 Submit Bank Statements:

Collect your bank statements for the period in question. Make sure they are in your name and match the details on your SASSA application. Nothing should be irrelevant or doubtful.

Step:2 Access the Appeals Platform:

Visit the SASSA SRD appeals website.  Use your ID number and phone number to access your application and submit your appeal stating the relevant issue or error.

Step:3 Highlight Financial Hardship:

Explain your current financial situation and how losing the grant affects your conditions. Be honest about your circumstances & state everything honestly.

2. Verify Your Bank Account Details

The second thing you can do is check and verify your bank account details. Double-check that the bank account linked to your SASSA application is correct and in your name.

In case if there is a need to update your application do it as soon as possible. 

3. Check Income Threshold 

Make sure your total monthly income from all sources is below the SASSA income limit (Sassa Means Test). 

Check your bank statements for the past few months. If there are any exceptional deposits, like loan repayments or gifts which are not your income, explain them in your appeal with evidence.

4. Verify your Source Of Income

Let’s say you have deposited any one-time payment and now it is considered by Sassa as your permanent income or support. Immediately verify by explanations and supporting documents for any unusual payment. 

5. Avoid e-Wallet Transactions

Try not to use e-wallets for receiving or sending money when your SRd application is in process. They can mistakenly be counted as your income. 

6. Verify Your Personal Information & Details

Ensure that all the information in your application, including your personal information,  ID number, and contact details, is accurate and up-to-date. 

If there are any mistakes or require changes, update your information through the SASSA online portal or you can visit a SASSA office near you.

7. Go For Other Grants

There is another option to go for another grant. Sassa is offering multiple grants for specifically needy persons. Maybe you are fit for a child grant or old age grant or might be for a disability grant

Tips For Successful Application

  • Avoid providing any fake information or misleading details because you might be successful this time but later on, if found out about the fraud Sassa is authorized to take serious action against you. And Sassa can recover all funds with a fine as well. 
  • Always double-check your details and personal information as Sassa can verify such details from the Department of Home Affairs
  • Always use a separate bank account for other transactions like gifts & loans etc. 
  • Never link your bank account with someone else name.  
  • Always stay updated about the latest income threshold requirements. 

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