SRD Appeal Status Check-How To Fix Declined Application

Applying for Sassa grants with high hopes and you receive an “application declined” notification. Ahh! it feels quite disappointing and stressful.

When it happened to me I was like “I’m goneIt’s going to be complicatedOh How I’m gonna manage my financial problems?

But You Know what! you can overcome your declined Sassa grant application & get approved in srd appeal status check easily.

I’ll tell you exactly what I did. You can overcome it by applying for Sassa appeal online, there are high chances to recover and continue your monthly grants easily.

srd appeal status check

First Thing First, Don’t you need to directly submit a “Sassa appeal” or “srd appeal” to higher authorities by “Sassa appeal online“.

Rather take your application through steps, and make sure you get a positive response at the initial level of your sassa srd declined application.

What Are The Reasons For Rejection?

A declined application means there is any obstacle that prevents you from enjoying your grant, which can be valid or invalid reason. You can do “sassa appeal online“. But be aware of the reasons first.

Some of the common but highly effective reasons are mentioned below:

  • Applicant’s Employment Identified: The applicant is employed and earnings are above a threshold or maybe the applicant is a government employee.
  • Defective Personal Information: The information you provided does not match the data of the Department Of Home Affairs.
  • Availing UIF or NSFAS funds: The applicant already enjoys UIF or NSFAS funds.
  • Qualifying For Unemployment Insurance Fund: The applicant can get benefits from UIF instead he is applying for SRD R350 Grant.
  • Recipient Of Social Grant: Applicant is the recipient of other grants by SASSA, Like Unemployment grants, SASSA old age grants, child support grants, and Disability grants.
  • Means Test Failed: The Means test is a measuring scale to check the eligibility of an applicant which includes means and resources of earning of the applicant. 

Apart from these reasons, there could be administration errors at the end of SASSA. You must go for reconsideration if you think the decline is not valid.

Why You Must Apply For Reconsideration?

Circumstantial Change Occurs: There can be a situation where at the initial level the application was declined due to any of the above-mentioned reasons but now you have the situation changed.

Administrative Error: There is always a possibility of error on Sassa’s end. So, this is a valid reason to go for reconsideration srd application.

Long-Term Disability: You have Disability and mistakenly you did not mention it in the application form or maybe you got disabled afterward.

Documentation Completed: On the initial level of the grant application process you did not collect necessary documents and maybe you missed any information, but now you have them.

Breadwinner Died: The only breadwinner of the family is dead now, and the responsibility to feed the family is upon you and it exceeds your limits.

Remember: Applying for reconsideration is not difficult but staying updated requires effort, Srd Appeal status check is necessary after applying for reconsiderations and “sassa appeal online”.

Reapplication Requirements

  • Your application must have received a declined message by sassa or your Sassa status check must be declined.
  • You must have applied before for the grants by SASSA.
  • You strongly disagree with the Sassa decision of rejection.

How To Apply For Reconsideration?

Fortunately, Clients have both options to apply for reconsideration, the online and offline application method. Choose one which seems you the most reliable.

Remember to apply via one method at a time. Don’t go for both methods; this practice may weaken your grant approval chances. So be sure with one method and go for it.

We recommend you to go with an online method as it is more convenient than the other one. Still, you have choices described below. Once you are done with reconsideration stay updated by doing srd appeal status check time to time. Below are the two methods to apply for reconsideration.

Online Reconsideration Application Method

Step 1: Visit SASSA Appeal Website

Step 2: Enter credentials (ID & Phone Number)

Step 3: Verify by confirming OTP which is sent to your phone number

Step 4: After entering OTP you will be redirected to the Reconsideration Page. Select the Application rejection month, for which you are applying for reconsideration. 

Step 5: Enter a valid reason or proof for your eligibility, which shows that you qualify for the grant. Proof can be in the form of documents or any other evidence, and submit the reconsideration form.

You are done with the reconsideration application for the grant, wait until you get a response from authorities. This usually takes 60 to 90 days after application submission. Meanwhile, do srd appeal status check to stay informed.

Tip: Ensure your grant by providing valid/authentic and updated documents and proofs in your reconsideration application.

Offline Reconsideration Application

Step:1 Search on the internet about your nearest SASSA office and also confirm their opening hours. 

Step: 2 Collect all important documents including the printed SASSA application form that you submitted earlier, Your ID, Evidentiary document, Income certificate, grant rejection letter proof, letter of request by you, and any other relevant document. 

Note: It is better to download and print the SASSA reconsideration form and take the form with you this will save your time and effort at the SASSA office.

Step: 3 Visit the nearest SASSA office to get the reconsideration form or you can download SASSA reconsideration form & print it, Fill out this “appeal form“, attach relevant documents, and submit it.

After submission, you will be provided a confirmation receipt of your reconsideration application. 

That’s all. Now you have to wait for at least 90 days. SASSA officials will analyze and confirm your information and then you will be informed about the decision by SASSA. Afterwards, you should do Srd Appeal Status Check of your grant.

Sassa Reconsideration/SRD Appeal Status Check Online 

Whether you applied Online or Offline for reconsideration, now it’s your responsibility to keep on checking your sassa status. 

For srd appeal status check you can navigate to the above given form or you may visit Sassa Status Check Online 2024

What If Reconsideration approved?

This sounds relaxing! Once your reapplication gets approved you don’t need to worry about reapplying every month for your Sassa srd R350 grant continuation.

But keep on updating your application whenever your circumstances change and make sure you don’t face any issues regarding your future payments.

Sassa Contact Details For Reconsideration Queries

Don’t get hibernated after applying for reconsideration, stay in contact with Sassa officials if you have queries related to your submitted application. Sometimes due to the bulk of reconsideration applications, an error may occur or a delay is possible, so stay updated.

Toll-Free number 0800 60 10 11

SASSA Head Office number 012 400 2322

Email Address [email protected]

Note: SASSA has 40+ offices in different states of South Africa, each office and SASSA phone numbers are available on our website you can check them as well.

What If Sassa Reconsideration Application Declined?

Did you apply for reconsideration and it got declined again by Sassa and the reason for rejection does not seem fair to you? Don’t think twice and use your right of appeal

File “Sassa appeal online” or “srd appeal” to the Department of Social Development and your case will be under observation of the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).

Remember: Don’t forget to file an appeal within the first 90 days of rejection or make sure to apply as soon as possible, because delay on your side may reduce your grant continuation chances.

Things To Do Before Filing Sassa srd Appeal

  • Make sure there is no fault on your end. Your claim for the grant is fair and valid enough.
  • Be aware of the reason for the declined application. It Should not be a valid reason for rejection. 
  • Make sure you are not enjoying any other grant.
  • Collect sufficient documentation as proof.
  • Keep residentiary proof with yourself. 

How To Sassa Appeal Online? Step-By-Step Process

Whether you are applying for “SASSA appeal online” or “SASSA srd appeal” follow below given steps.

Step 1: Visit the DSD appeal website.

Step 2: Enter your ID & Phone Number

Step 3: Verify by confirming OTP which is sent to your phone number. 

Step 4: After entering OTP you will be redirected to the Appeal Page

Step 5: Enter a valid reason or proof for your eligibility, which shows that you qualify for the grant. Proof can be in the form of documents or any other evidence, and submit the appeal form. Don’t forget to attach your previous six months’ bank statement with the appeal form.

You are done with the appeal online, your appeal will be observed by the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).

This will take 90 days approximately and may be longer because sometimes several applications at the same time cause a delay in response.

Once you are done with the Sassa appeal you should do “srd appeal status check” from time to time.

What If Sassa SRD Appeal Status Check Shows Declined?

Unfortunately this sounds disappointing and in the end, there is no way further to appeal to either sassa or ITSAA.

If still you strongly disagree with the decision, the only way is the Court Of Law which is a bit difficult but can work if you are eligible.


After a detailed research, above mentioned are all authentic details and possibilities regarding your declined application. Remember SASSA is offering all possible ways for beneficiaries to get the grant but if applicants make false or illegal attempts to get the grant by misleading SASSA, the received grants will be recovered and legal action may be taken.

So be aware and be fair with yourself as well as with SASSA. last but not least after a successful appeal you should be aware of the status of your grant, you can do that by SASSA srd appeal status check online.


It’s a little bit difficult but yes you can. All you need to do is download the SASSA late appeal form from our website and submit it at the SASSA office in your respective area.

When you submit the appeal form you’ll get a receipt, which works as proof of your appeal submission.

If a reasonable time has been passed and you didn’t get any response about your appeal you should contact SASSA via toll free number 0800 60 10 11 or visit your nearest SASSA office.

Now the only way left is the Court Of Law which is a bit difficult but can work if you are eligible.

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