How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Cash Send?

Are you worried about your Sassa R350 payments because you don’t have a bank account & want to opt for “CASH SEND”? Well! Let me share with you my experience on How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Cash Send.

How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Cash Send

I recently encountered the same issue when I tried to change my R350 payment method to “Cash Send” & faced many troubles while doing so. But after multiple attempts, I discovered a way to do that.

Stay with me until the end I will take you through all the steps on How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Cash Send, so you may avoid any issue like what I faced.

Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Cash Send Online

How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Cash Send?

That’s the mistake I was making at that time, Yes! You heard it right. Unfortunately, Sassa does not allow directly (online) changing your payment method to “Cash Send”.

Wanna Know Why? Well, the reason is valid, As we know the “cash send “is a third-party payment service for sassa grant withdrawal. So, to prevent the potential fraud & unauthorized changes to the beneficiary’s payment method this restriction is placed by SASSA.

What to do now? Well, Below I have a solution. 

Change Payment Method To Cash Send By Visiting the Sassa Office


You can change the payment method by visiting the Sassa Office in person. You might have a question in your mind why not online? Why visiting the Sassa office can change my payment method? 

To answer this, I have already mentioned the reason that the cash send is a third-party payment service so doing so online may cause fraud. 

So, when you do so by visiting the SASSA office it will be verified easily & and the owner of the grant or we can say the beneficiary himself is there to change the payment method, also by visiting the Sassa office you will carry all important documents for verification.

In short, it will be an authorized and verified process as compared to changing via online method. 

Step-by-step Guide To Change Payment Method Through Sassa Office

How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Cash Send

Step: 1 Prepare Yourself:

Before visiting the Sassa office you are required to be prepared for that. Collect all important documents related to your grant and your ID documents. Take some snacks as the crowd is expected in the Sassa Offices

Step: 2 Find SASSA Office Near You

Now use Google Maps or our Sassa Offices Details Page. Also, look for the working hours of the related office. 

Step: 3 Visit Sassa Office

Head to the Sassa office, take your number & wait for your turn. On your turn, you are required to meet a Sassa representative & ask him to change your payment method. 

Step: 4 Corporate With Sassa Officers

You are required to cooperate with the Sassa officer whether in terms of providing documents or in terms of giving personal information related to grant verification. Additionally, be aware of fee charges. Because maybe they charge you some money for changing your method to cash send. 

This is How To Change Sassa R350 Payment Method To Cash Send.

Congratulation! You did change your payment method to “Cash Send

Why Should I Prefer To Use a Bank Account?

As of recent updates on “Sassa post offices closure”, many sassa pay points are being closed already. On the other hand, “cash send” is being a third-party service so the mild doubt of fraud will always be attached.

Additionally, Sassa also prefers to opt for a bank account as it is safe and secure and more handy than other methods. 

To Change Your Payment Method To Bank visit: Sassa Change Banking Details

Already Using “Cash Send” But Have Not Received The Voucher This Month?

If you are an old user of “cash send” and you did not receive a voucher for this month, here are the steps you can follow to resolve this. 

  • Make sure that the number used for cash send is registered in your name
  • Make sure you have provided the correct information while choosing cash send as your grant payment method. 
  • Double-check the status of your application whether it is approved or not. (you can do that with the Sassa Status Check form)
  • Contact the relevant bank (the bank which you have chosen for “Cash Send”)

Contact Details For SRD Cash Send Enquiries:

  • Absa: 080 000 0122
  • Tyme Bank: 086 099 9119
  • Nedbank: 080 055 5111
  • FNB: 087 575 9405
  • Standard Bank: 086 046 639

Want More Help?

You can contact Sassa at the toll-free number 080060 10 11 & enquiry email [email protected]

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