SASSA Grants Increased[2024]

Good news for SASSA beneficiaries! we updated you on our website before about SASSA grant increase. Now it’s been officially declared, the SASSA grants amount will be increased from April 2024.

A certain amount is increased for all types of SASSA grants, like Sassa Disability Grant, old age grants & Child grants, etc.

sassa grant increase

In their official budget speech, the Minister of Finance announced that the grant amount increased for the 2024/2025 financial year, according to the government’s planned expenditure.

This increment mainly aims to improve or provide more relief to people with vulnerable conditions, As with the growing time era it is becoming difficult for lower-middle-class or average-income people to survive and feed their families. 

Expected Amounts Of SASSA grant increase [2024]

Below is a detailed overview of the amounts:

Old Age, War Veterans, Disability, & Care Dependency Grants: These grants will get an increment of Rand 100 in the current year in two different installments. It means that R90 will be increased from April 2024 & remaining Rand 10 will be increased from October onwards for these mentioned grants.

Foster Care SASSA Grant: Rand 50 per child is expected to be increased in the total grant amount of foster child grant.

Child Support SASSA Grant: For the better upbringing of children of South Africa, it is suggested to increase Rand 20 in the total amount of sassa child support grant.

SRD R350 Grant: The social relief of distress often named as SRD R350 grant has also unexpectedly increased according to the Minister Of Finance. The total grant amount will be R370 with an increase Of Rand 20

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According to the Finance Minister Of South Africa:

“These improvements will be within the current fiscal framework. For the extension of the grant beyond March 2025, the social security policy reforms, together with the funding source, will be finalized,” the Minister said.
“We are sensitive to the increase in the cost of living for the nearly 19 million South Africans who rely on these grants to make ends meet. In this regard, we have done as much as the fiscal envelope allows,” he said.

Effects Of SASSA Social Grant Amount Increase

Financial Stability: Increased grant amount will provide financial stability to the most affected communities of South Africa. They can meet all their basic requirements & needs smoothly as compared to before. 

Economic Balance: To the individuals facing financial instability this increase in SASSA payment increase amount can work as a road roller to their survival path and ultimately the economic environment in the Country will be balanced.

Physical Well-Being Of Beneficiaries: The major effect of physical & mental stability is the main purpose of the sassa grant increase, which will be fulfilled with the increment. Due to this well being the nation would be productive and ultimately benefit the state.

State Confidence: The relationship between the state and its people is the pillar of the peaceful environment in the territory. As with this increase people’s confidence in the state has increased. The state is performing at its end level to facilitate its people. 


An increase in the Sassa grant amount is always the most awaited news for Sassa beneficiaries. Every year beneficiaries expect the addition in Sassa grant amount even if it is Rand 10 only. This is why we strive to update our readers with the most recent & updated information of all the time. To stay updated you can visit on daily basis SASSA News & Updates page.

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