How To Reinstate SRD Grant Cancellation? Online & Offline

How To Reinstate SRD Grant Cancellation Online & Offline

Situations are not always straightforward. Sometimes, circumstances change and we reflect on our own decisions.

Same is the case with the Sassa SRD grant. Depending on the betterment of circumstances sassa beneficiaries are required to cancel their grant as they don’t need it more.

But when situations arise & grant beneficiary feels that he/she need it gain, then the Sassa SRD reinstatement option is there for them. Yes! You heard it right! You can reinstate SRD grant at any time.

Requirements To Reinstate The Canceled Sassa SRD Grant

How To Reinstate SRD Grant Cancellation Online & Offline 2

Important Reminder: Please note that the reinstatement process only works for SRD grant recipients when they cancel their grant due to improvements in their financial conditions. Also, If your grant is canceled by SASSA then you have to submit an appeal or reapplication depending on the reason for the cancellation.

You must fall under the set criteria of the SASSA SRD grant to successfully reinstate your grant. 

  • You must be a South African citizen holding a South African ID
  • Your permanent residence should be within the territory of South Africa
  • In case you are a refugee or asylum seeker you should be recognized by the department. It ensures your residency is legal.
  • You should be of age that is allowed for SRD grant which is 18 to 60 years. Apart from this, you fall under the ambit of other social grants like old age grants or child support grants. 
  • You must pass the SASSA Means Test, which is designed to check the qualification of a grant beneficiary whether he/she needs it or not. Your assets & income are checked in this test, your monthly income must not exceed the amount of R640. Limited assets & less income are self-explanatory for the need for a grant. 
  • No other benefits from the government should be enjoyed by the SRD grant beneficiary. Neither any other social grant like UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund), or NSFAS (National Student Financial Aids) funds are allowed.
  •  You must not be residing in a government-funded institution or any organization. 

Method 1: Reinstate SRD Grant Online

Method 1 Reinstate SRD Grant Online

I will take you through the easy steps to reinstate srd grant online. Please make sure your phone is fully charged before applying. 

Step 1: Collect Important Documents

Prepare all grant-relevant documents as you will need some pieces of information & details to enter while reinstating your grant online. It will also include your ID & phone number

Step2: Browse Sassa Official Website

Now Visit the Sassa SRD Official Website & head to the SRD Reinstatement Page

Step3: Provide Your Credentials

Enter your ID & phone number in the required fields & click on “Send PIN

Step 4: OTP Verification

Now you will receive a message containing one one-time OTP. You are required to enter that OTP and click on “Verify PIN

Step5: Provide Reasons For Reinstatement

After OTP verification another page will appear on your screen, asking you the reason for reinstatement. Proceed with the process by stating the valid reason for reinstatement. You may see below given options there :

  • Canceled in error
  • No longer have income
  • Other

Before confirmation of your request, you need to cross-check all the details you provided. Any minor error can lead to technical issues and you will not get the results. So, be careful!

Step 6: Wait For Confirmation

Once you have confirmed your reinstatement application, sooner or later SASSA will confirm your grant status by sending you the notification.

Method 2: Reinstate SRD Grant By Visiting Sassa Office

Method 2: Reinstate SRD Grant By Visiting Sassa Office

If you opt for the offline method to reinstate Srd, you can do that by visiting your nearest Sassa office.

Step 1: Search For Nearest Sassa Office In Your Area

In the first place, you may find your nearest sassa office via Google Maps or through our dedicated page on Sassa Offices & contacts.

Step 2: Gather All Documents

Collecting all necessary documents is the most important step, never compromise on it.

Additionally, we recommend you bring some snacks & a water bottle with you because most of the time there are long queues at SASSA offices so maybe you have to wait there for hours.

To reinstate SRD you need documents including:

  • Your South African ID
  • Your residence proof
  • Other supporting documents

Step 3: Check The SASSA Office Hours

Check the opening & closing hours of SASSA offices and prefer to visit in the early morning or the evening, on these occasions most probably the crowd will be less.

Step 4: Visit The Sassa office

Now you are well prepared for the visit, head to the Sassa office take a number & wait for your turn.

Step 5: Head to Sassa Officer/Representative

On your turn meet the Sassa officer and explain your grant issue and that you want to reinstate your grant gain. 

The officer will ask you some questions and may demand some documents for verification you should provide him. 

Step 5: Fill The Form

After verification Sassa officer will give you an application form, either he will fill it by himself or he will ask you to fill it out. Fill it carefully under the supervision of the Sassa officer. If anything is not understandable for you ask the Sassa officer to help instead of filling it wrong. 

Step 6: Collect the Acknowledgment receipt

After request submission, you will be given an acknowledgment receipt that you have submitted the reinstatement application. Keep it safe with you!

Step 7: Wait For Response 

Once you have confirmed your reinstatement application, sooner or later SASSA will let you know about your application/request status. Remember it can take some days or weeks so have patience.

How Much Time Does It Take To Approve Reinstatement Request?

How To Reinstate SRD Grant Cancellation Online & Offline

The official, request processing period is 7 to 14 days. But still, it depends on the number of applications submitted in that specific month & it can extend up to 90 working days

If this time period extends don’t worry, there can be any technical error or system glitch. Simply you can contact SASSA via the toll-free number 0800 601 011 and get information from the Sassa call centre agent.

What If SASSA SRD Grant Reinstatement Request is Rejected?

In case your Sassa Srd Reinstatement application gets declined or rejected sassa will send you the notice with the reason for rejection, and if there is any option for you to appeal or not. If you think that the decision is an error or unfair you can file an appeal.  

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