How To Check Sassa SRD R370 Status Via SMS? 

How To Check Sassa SRD R370 Status Via SMS?

Searching for the right method to check your Sassa SRD R370 status via SMS? It’s a quick and easiest way to stay updated about your application status without internet access or long queues at Sassa offices. And you know what? you don’t even need a computer or a laptop. Sounds relaxing? Right!

Look no further!

Let me share the effective way I used to check my status when I was far away from the internet & my computer. 

Checking your Sassa Status via SMS service can be straightforward & simple if you know the right steps. So keep reading ahead. By the end of this page, you’ll be a pro in checking your status.  

Let’s find out what things you need.

  • Your South African Social Security Agency ID
  • Your phone has an active SMS plan. 

Step By Step Guide To Check Your Sassa SRD R370 Status via SMS

Step 1 Ensure Your Mobile Number is Registered: 

First things first, ensure the phone number you’re using is registered with Sassa. This is important because you won’t receive updates & responses on any other number. 

Step 2 Open Messaging App In your Phone: 

Now open the messaging app you use to send messages on your phone and start composing/creating SMS. This will be like a “+” symbol or a “New message” button.

Step 3 Enter Sassa Number:

Enter the recipient number 082 046 8553 which is obviously of Sassa. This is Sassa’s Official phone number for status check service don’t use it for other purposes. & avoid other numbers it is the only number for Status check.

Step 4 Start Composing

Now start composing a message as mentioned below: 

SASSA [Your ID Number]

Note: At the place of [Your ID number] you are required to type the numbers/digits of your South African ID.

Step 5 Send SMS

It’s easy to make a typo, so double-check the number  & ID digits before sending. Once done checking send the SMS

Step 6 Get your SASSA SRD R370 Status Check Results

As expected, you will receive a response indicating your Sassa status results for this month.

Congratulations! You have successfully checked your Sassa status and are now a pro at it.

What Does Your Status Result Mean? 

it’s important to carefully read the reason provided in the response and consider any steps you can take to rectify the situation or seek further assistance if needed. When you receive the response in SMS, the status will usually be one of these four:

  • Approved: Congratulations! This means your application has been successful, and you should expect your payment soon.
  • Pending: Your application is still being processed. Have patience it’s under review now. 
  • Declined: Sounds disturbing! this means your application did not meet the requirements. The message might include a reason for the decline. Check that reason and fix it. 

Tips For Successful Sassa Status Check Result

  • Make sure each piece of information you are providing is accurate and complete. No error can be ignored. 
  • Keep updating your details if you have changed your sassa contact number recently now you are required to use that new phone number, not the old one. 
  • Please retry if it’s necessary because the network problem may occur don’t be disheart and sit helpless. 
  • The most important thing is to keep that conversation with SASSA on SMS saved with you for future reference especially if you are approved.


Whenever you expect the dates you should check your status every month. 

You should contact Sassa and state your issue they will surely assist you in this regard. 

No, you can only use the number which you have registered with SASSA. Without that number, you will not get any response or updates from SASSA. 

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