SASSA Status Check Failed- How To Solve [2024]

Are you checking your status through SASSA Status Check & it shows errors like “Failed” or” Identity Verification Failed”? OR Sassa has sent you a message which says “SASSA Status Check Failed” or “Inquiry failed“.

Well! It simply means that Sassa processed your application and it’s been found out that you are not qualified because of “false” or “incorrect” identity details. Let’s fix it quickly.

Sassa status check failed

It happens commonly due to technical errors, invalid or incorrect identity details, or incomplete details. Didn’t get that? don’t worry we will solve this problem in detail below by analyzing what reasons led to your status to be failed & how we can fix that.

Reasons For SASSA Status Check Failed & Their Solutions

1: Identity Verification Failed

This is the most common error that every second South African encounters. “SASSA status check identity verification failed” shows that while applying for an SASSA grant the applicant either entered the wrong personal identity information or maybe mistakenly it happened & the submitted data and its details do not match the Department of Home Affairs (DHA)’s database.

It’s Solution

You can solve this by using two methods, one is offline, in which you are required to visit your nearest sassa office, provide your correct identification details and get verified. Another method is Online, Follow these steps:

  • Visit SASSA reconfirmation Web Page
  • Enter your credentials like ID & Phone number
  • The number you entered will receive an OTP
  • Verify yourself by entering that OTP
  • Now your submitted application will open up on your screen. Check it out, and find your mistake or any data that is misleading or incorrect. Amend your application and submit it.
  • There can be a short questionnaire before leaving the page, fill it up and submit it.

2: Incomplete Application:

This is somehow similar to the above-mentioned problem and its solution.

Basically, here you missed any detail or information that was necessary for your verification process. You left any of your personal information.

It’s Solution

In order to fix it you can simply use the above-mentioned two methods. Both can work for it

2: Technical Error

Technical errors are also some common issues faced by SASSA beneficiaries. This is not a big deal because of the huge database of more than 10 million applicants and their online system, there can be any server issue or maintenance period which is the reason for your “SASSA Status check failed” error.

It’s Solution

Technical errors are not at your end so it is out of your control to fix them immediately but what you can do is contact sassa if it is taking too long. Simply contact sassa or file an appeal with the below-mentioned step-by-step process and fix it. (Normally it is solved automatically, submit an appeal only if it is not solved for the longer period of time)

Correct Details But Still SASSA Status Check Failed?

If it is the case that every detail you provided to SASSA is totally correct and there is nothing wrong with your application and still it shows your result as “SASSA status check failed”, then you should opt for appeal. Follow below given steps.

  • Go to SASSA Appeal Portal
  • Enter your credentials like a 13-digit ID & contact number
  • Receive and verify OTP
  • The DSD(Department Of Social Development) Appeal website will appear on your screen.
  • Fill out the appeal form, make sure you have provided each detail, attach all reference documents where needed, and submit.
  • While lodging your appeal please do confirm that you have read and accepted the consent and declaration documents.

Note: Once you are done with the appeal you’ll get a response from sassa sooner or later. Commonly it takes 60 days for processing and again verification till then you should do SASSA Status Check Online from time to time to stay updated.

What If I Don’t Get A Response?

You submitted an appeal for SASSA status check failed and didn’t get any response. Don’t worry! We have its solution too. Suppose you did not get any response from SASSA for more than 60 days then simply contact them on their toll-free number (0800 60 10 11) and share your problem they will surely guide you through this and your problem will get resolved.

What To Do If I Receive an “Identity Verification Fixed” Message?

Congratulations! If you receive a message/SMS of “identity verification fixed”. That means they reviewed your application and verified your details and now it is all OKY! Well, you should now do Sassa Status Check and then wait for the monthly payment schedule and then get your grant payments on that certain date. 

Important Things To Remember

  • If you get grant status declined or rejected, you should appeal in the first 90 days of rejection or failed status of your application
  • Don’t submit any application twice.
  • Don’t mislead SASSA. As any unlawful act on your end can cancel the grant application and all the previous grant payments will be refunded also they can take legal action against the defaulter. 
  • Before filing an appeal always cross-check your submitted application form. There is the possibility of mistakes as we all are human. 
  • After appeal submission, it takes 60 days to proceed, have patience for that time period.
  • Always be aware of recent news & updates released by SASSA, you can get instant updates from SASSA News & Updates
  • Do check and pass SASSA Means test, which shows a specific threshold for income & assistance to follow.
  • Whether you are applying for SASSA SRd R350 grant, SASSA child grant, Disability grant or SASSA old age grant, you should be eligible for that specific grant because sassa has set certain specific eligibility criteria to measure which candidate is best for the grant.
  • Last but not least, whenever you are stuck anywhere instead of asking any other person or organization directly contact the SASSA office through SASSA Phone Numbers & Email.


We have summarized every related problem and its solution to SASSA status check failure. SASSA appeals are always a backdoor for declined applicants. You should use it and get your grant approved.

After performing all the actions mentioned above. If your grant is still showing “Sassa status check failed” or rejected and you think there is some issue or the result is unfair, you still have the option to consult law authorities like the high court and seek help. Best of luck & enjoy your grants!


You can fix the “identity verification failed issue” online as well by visiting sassa office. For the online method go to the SASSA official web portal and follow the above given steps.

You can do that by taking care of every single detail you submitted in your SASSA application forms.

No, every application which you submit to SASSA should be submitted only once otherwise errors may arise.

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