Sassa Approved With Payday But No SMS – What Should I Do?

Have you ever found out your Sassa payment was approved but didn’t receive an SMS notification? The notification contains the Date, time, and location for collecting the grant money.

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I will take you through all important discussions to help you take your grant smoothly. By listing the factors behind why “Sassa Approved With Payday But No SMS” despite reasonable days have passed.

Because This happened to me recently and I was feeling a mix of relief & confusion. My SRD grant got approved, however without SMS. I tried different methods and literally got puzzled and then I found a clue where I was lacking.

Reasons; Why Is It Happening?

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Well, from my own experience, I noticed that the reasons for such issues vary sometimes. Here I am listing some possible reasons that can lead to Sassa Approved With Payday But No SMS issue.

  • it might be a glitch in the system, It’s technology’s working at the backend so we can expect that. 
  • Entering wrong or incorrect details of your profile in the Sassa application form can be the reason.
  • Delay in the verification process. 
  • Updating bank details frequently during the application process. 
  • Frequently Changing Payment Methods
  • Corruption, Fraudulent activities & bribes at national level.
  • Sometimes phone number linked to your SASSA account is the main issue,
  • Having no space in phone storage 

Whatever the reason is, this uncertainty is nerve-wracking. But hey, patience is a virtue, right? So relax & read the solutions below. 

Solutions; What To Do If SASSA Approved with Payday But No SMS?

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Firstly, it’s advisable to have patience, as there are steps you can take to navigate this issue, Follow the below-given instructions.

Wait For A Reasonable Period

Indeed It’s a sensible approach when facing the absence of an SMS confirmation despite SASSA approval for payday. This reasonable period can be of one or two weeks. 

However, if the delay lasts long, beyond considerable time, it becomes important to find other alternative solutions. 

Double-Check Your Sassa Status

You should do Sassa Status Check Again to confirm whether your application was actually approved or not, maybe you got results of the “approved status” due to any glitch or any technical error. 

Double-check Your Details On the SASSA Application

You are advised to always check & update your details on the Sassa application form. Simply log in to your SASSA account and go through all the details provided by you.

Maybe you entered the wrong phone number or any other wrong details are becoming the hurdle in the way of your successful grant. 

Maintain Consistency In Banking & Payment Method Details

Don’t frequently change your banking details or payment methods as it can confuse the system as well. Keep your banking details updated and accurate. Also, stick to one payment method until it becomes crucial to change it. 

Call the SASSA Helpline

If your banking details are okay, You are not changing your Sassa payment method frequently & there are correct details on your application form also a reasonable time has passed. Now, you should call at Sassa helpline via 0800601011. Tell them your issue they will let you know the reason and if possible, they will fix it.

Contact Sassa By Sending an Email

If reasonable time has passed and you are sure that there is no issue or error at your end, you can simply contact Sassa by sending an email to [email protected]. By elaborating on your whole issue and then waiting for the response. 

Report Suspected Corruption 

If you feel like there is a suspicion of corruption from the Sassa officer, in the post office, or any other third party which is leading to failure in your grant payment. You should report immediately to the SAPS Anti-Corruption Hotline at 0800 701 701

Visit Local SASSA Offices

You can visit your local Sassa offices in person to get your issue resolved. Simply head to the Sassa office near you and ask the representative to release your grant payment SMS notification as you are facing Sassa Approved With Payday But No SMS received issue.

& you know what? The thing that worked for me was cleaning my phone SMS storage, I was too worried and the reason I found out was my SMS box. LOL!

What Are The Ways To Contact SASSA?

  • You can contact Sassa Via Sassa’s Toll-Free number 0800601011
  • Connect with Sassa using your local sassa office phone numbers & email addresses 
  • Contact Sassa by sending an email to [email protected] 
  • You can send a post to Sassa headquarters on the postal address: Private Bag X55662, Arcadia, 0083  addressing your issue.

How To Prevent Issues Related To Sassa Approved With Payday But No SMS?

How To Prevent Issues Related To Sassa Approved With Payday But No SMS
  • Always keep your Sassa application updated.
  • Never change your payment methods too quickly
  • Never change banking details frequently
  • Keep your phone SMS storage checking, there should be some space left to receive notifications by SASSA 
  • Keep that phone number active which is registered with SASSA
  • Report suspicious activities to SASSA immediately
  • Never be part of any fraudulent or illegal activity 

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