Sassa Payment Dates for June 2024-Confirmed

Sassa Payment Dates for June 2024-

Nothing is more relief than knowing confirmed sassa payment dates for June. Just like me, millions of Sassa beneficiaries are eagerly waiting for their next month’s grant payments to meet their basic needs without unnecessary delays.

I‘ll be sharing with you the most authentic and reliable Sassa payment schedule for the month of June 2024 below. Stick around and note your dates on your calendar as well.

To ensure beneficiaries can plan ahead, SASSA releases the payment dates for these grants in advance to provide a stress-free experience to applicants.

Here are the recently updated Sassa Payment Dates for June:

  • Old Age Grants: Monday, June 3rd 2024
  • Disability Grants: Wednesday, June 5th 2024
  • Children’s & Other Grants: Thursday, June 6th, 2024

By following the payment schedule and ensuring that your details are up to date, you can avoid unnecessary delays and receive your grant payments without hassle. 

Check Your Sassa Payment Status for June 2024

Updated Sassa Payment Dates For June 2024

To enjoy your grant smoothly and on time you should first check about your this month’s grant payment status whether it is approved, declined, or failed.

This will reduce the chances of later hardship and you will be well prepared for any situation in the future. Use the following channels to check your Sassa payment status:

  • Check Sassa’s status at Sassa-status check for free.
  • Call the SASSA toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11 and get the information about your current grant status
  • Visit your nearest SASSA office or post office
  • Use the Moya App to check your Sassa status
  • Contact Sassa via WhatsApp 082 046 8553 to check your Sassa payment status
  • You can check your Sassa payments status on the official SASSA website as well.

How to Collect Your Sassa Payments

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) encourages you to get your Sassa payments via bank accounts or ATMs. Sassa post offices are being closed after a huge advancement from last month.

Apart from these, you can collect your Sassa SRD payments via:

Important Tips for Beneficiaries

Ensure Your Details Are Up to Date: Make sure the details you are providing while checking your Sassa status & if you are applying or reapplying for your SRD R370 and another social grant, the details you are providing must be correct.

Beware of Scams & Never Get Involved: Never get yourself involved in any kind of scams & fraudulent activities which is against the policy and rules by Sassa. As it can cause your grant cancellation, as well as Sassa, can take a refund from you of all the paid grants as well. 

Use Authorized Channels: While checking your Sassa payment dates for June or wherever the month it is or you are checking your status or searching for any kind of Sassa news & updates be sure that you are using the aut5hetic and authorized channels. 

Plan Your Budget: When you are done checking this month’s Sassa payment dates you should plan a budget from those dates onwards, like making a separate list for grocery and meal items and other expenses. 

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